HOW-TO Get Salon-Like Skincare Right At Home!

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Hatin’ on your dull skin or finding fine lines and wrinkles? A quick trip to the salon is usually all it takes to make us feel better. But who wants to spend all that money all the time? Taking the time to do things yourself at home can be just as good in the long run, and these skincare secrets will get you salon worthy results!

Use Oils Regularly. Using oils on your skin has lots of benefits over moisturizers. The oil helps to lock in moisture much better, and can even give a perfect sheen to the skin. YouΓÇÖll instantly look radiant and glowing after using oil! You can either make your own or buy a beauty oil from your favorite drugstore. Simply spritz it on and rub it in if you need to – you donΓÇÖt need too much! You should find that after regular use, your stretch marks and other imperfections significantly reduce. We already love the basics: coconut and olive oil, but doing some research on essential oils and oils like macadamia nut can take you to the next level! They all have their own benefits and properties suited to different skin types. With the right information you can make an oil tailored perfectly to your skin!

Body Brush and Scrub. Leaving dead skin cells on the surface of the skin never looks good. You might not be able to see them directly, but your skin wonΓÇÖt look as radiant as it possibly can if you leave them. Body brushing can help with circulation and cellulite if you do it often enough. Just make sure youΓÇÖre gentle so as to avoid inflammation! Scrubbing the skin with a body scrub is also a good idea and will leave you feeling smooth and supple afterwards. DonΓÇÖt neglect your face; just make sure you use a special scrub suited to the face, as body scrubs can be too harsh. Never leave your skin too long without giving it a scrub, as these dead cells build up.

Perfect and Even Your Skin Tone from Home. We all want a nice, even skin tone. Salon treatments that can help us to achieve this include facials and microdermabrasion. You can, however, get similar results from home! Safe microdermabrasion devices can be purchased for home use so you donΓÇÖt need to make regular, expensive trips to the salon. This will polish off any dead layers of skin and leave you with a smooth, beautiful looking complexion. You can also give yourself massages with facial oils, or use a good tone-evening product such as the RCMA no color powder, which will brighten up your skin and leave it looking its best. Always use upward stroking motions to improve circulation and smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles.

Face Masks Fix Most Problems. A good face mask thatΓÇÖs suited to your skin type can do your skin the world of good. In fact, they can fix most problems. You can find masks to improve elasticity, get rid of spots and clean out clogged pores. You can find masks to simply brighten up the skin and leave it looking youthful. ThereΓÇÖs a mask for every problem you can think of. We love SheaMoisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Mask, which draws out impurities and excess oil.

Wear Your Sunglasses! The key to having line-free eyes is not to apply lots of eye creams. In fact, applying too many creams and products to the eyes can leave them looking puffier than before! Instead, invest in a nice pair of sunglasses that offer UV protection. Big sunglasses are fashionable, and theyΓÇÖre actually the best for protecting the eye area from the sun. YouΓÇÖre not only protecting your actual eye, but the area around it too. The skin is very delicate so wearing sunglasses as often as possible is the key to staving off lines. This will help you to avoid expensive line reducing treatments later on. DonΓÇÖt be afraid to wear sunglasses whenever the sun is shining, even if itΓÇÖs not hot!

Change Your Pillowcases Often… And Make Them Silk! LetΓÇÖs take a moment to think of things weΓÇÖd probably find on the pillowcase if we had a microscope. Oil from the body and face, dirt, makeup and other stuff. Do you really think itΓÇÖs good for your skin to sleep on the same one every night? Of course it isnΓÇÖt! Sleeping on the same pillowcase for too long can be one of the main causes of acne and blemish breakouts. ThereΓÇÖs nothing like a huge blemish or cluster of spots to knock the confidence either. Try changing your pillowcases more often; perhaps as often as once per night to see if it makes a big difference. And if you can, make your pillowcases silk. You’ll keep lines in your face at bay and protect your baby hairs and delicate hair edges.

Now that you know these skincare secrets, do yourself a favor and give them a go. You can still treat yourself to a salon visit, but you wonΓÇÖt feel the need to go so frequently. Everyone will soon be wondering what your skincare secrets are, and since you’re a DivaGal, feel free to share them.

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