It’s Time To Pick An Engagement Ring

By   |   March 19, 2015   |   Relationships

We love when a DivaGal gets engaged! It’s taking the first step to spending the rest of your life with your love. And while the sanctity of marriage is a big deal, we all know the most important thing is the ring!

Having the perfect ring is still one of the top priorities when you get engaged. Hopefully, you’ll have the chance to pick it out yourself. Sure, it’s great if your man has managed to pick out something you love (congrats on his good taste), but if you’re a self-confessed control freak, you probably want to do the deed. But where to start? Here’s your guide to choosing a ring you’ll be happy to wear for the rest of your life.

Set a Budget
If only money was no object. You could have a diamond so huge you need to hire a personal assistant to hold your hand up. But after the ring, you’ve got a whole wedding to plan. So you’re going to have to rein in your impulses and decide how much you can spend. You can find rings at all kinds of prices, so it’s up to you how much you spend. But don’t forget about quality. A designer diamond ring will probably last longer than something you picked up at a flea market. You don’t have to break the bank, but if you already know what sort of thing you want you need an idea of how much it will cost.

Gold, Silver or Platinum?
So many precious metals to choose from. Just deciding between the different types of gold can be hard enough. Yellow, white or rose? And then there’s silver for something more economical, or platinum for something more expensive. You should find something that compliments your hue and what looks good on your hand. Then you should consider your style choices. If you usually wear a lot of silver jewelry, a yellow gold ring might clash and look a bit tacky. Rose gold is a bit old-fashioned for some gals, but others love the classic look. Don’t forget to think about your budget. Would you rather a more expensive metal or a bigger stone?

Diamonds Are Forever…But Other Stones Are Available
Diamonds are the most popular stone choice for engagement rings. There are thousands of beautiful rings to choose from. This collection from offers some fantastic choices. But what if you’re the kind of girl who likes to buck the trend: Diamonds? So last century! Lots of women are choosing to go back to the tradition of the early 20th century to have colored stones instead. You could pick a stunning emerald that looks incredible against your skin, or a subtle opal for a classic look.

It’s not easy picking out a ring, especially if you like something out of the ordinary. Don’t rush: take all the time you need to choose something perfectly Divalicious!

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