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Image Gal Samantha von Sperling continues to share her secrets to spring cleaning your life.

So you’ve cleansed your home and soul. Now it’s time to tackle the tough stuff, your wardrobe!

The transition from snow gear to little cotton sun dresses doesn’t happen immediately. Closet space is at a premium in most apartments. Let’s face it, is there ever enough closet space?

Having great style and always being flawlessly put together in a way that seams effortless is actually a lot of work! It takes being organized, taking inventory, updating, re-styling and editing.

It’s important to be able to take a deep breath and part with an old favorite t-shirt that has seen better days, or a favorite pair of jeans that have been worn to death. Anything that no longer fits you or your mood must go.

Perhaps you have simply fallen out of love and you must move on. Making room for the new and wonderful is a good thing! I would rather have ten perfect outfits I really love than tons of mediocre things taking up space in my life when they don’t make me feel fabulous.

Here are some of my time-tested tips for editing your closet like a pro.
If you need moral support, call a stylish friend with lots of patience and bribe them with champagne, hot gossip and their favorite snacks to help guide you.

MAKE THOSE PILES. Ask yourself “Love It or Over It?” and put them in the appropriate piles: Give to friends who you would love the item; Charity or Garbage (it would be insulting to to give it charity!). You can also try consigning better pieces online.

MEND & REMODEL. You have that one piece that you can’t part with because of the fabric, color, etc, but it’s now out of style and dated. A simple remodel might be all that’s needed to bring it back into this decade. You can try simple alterations yourself, or take it to your local cleaners and have them hem a skirt, pull in a dress, re-tailor a shoulder… A little change and you’ve got something charmingly old that’s now new and in style!

DRY CLEAN. What’s the point of having a great dress in your closet that smells like whoa. Take that to the cleaners stat girl, so when you pull it out it’s smelling fresh, and you can be fierce! That also means your shoes and bags that need care and repair.

MOVE IT. If you don’t have the space, put your winter items and items ready to be relegated to less prime real estate in your wardrobe into storage. Cold climate and fashion often results in fur pieces. As fur expert Marc Kaufman explains, “A fur coat exposed to heat and humidity will be slightly stiffer as it ages, having lost some of its natural oils and dried out. This drying will lead to cracking of the leather and fur loss due to shedding.” Protect your investment and store your fur coat with a professional furrier in its off-season. Mark Kaufman will pick up your furs for you in April so you don’t have to shlep them yourself and return them to you cleaned, conditioned, repaired and delivered back to you in the fall before you feel your first chill. It like a spa meets summer camp for your furs and voila, more room for your summer clothes!

They will even pick up your furs for you in April so you don’t have to shlep them yourself and return them to you cleaned, conditioned, repaired and delivered back to you in the fall before you feel your first chill (it’s what Janet Jackson and Vivica Fox do!)

Now that my closet is edited, it’s so much easier to see what’s going on in the rest of my wardrobe to organize, update and style for the spring/summer season. Tune in for my top five summer essentials!

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