HOW-TO Survive a Reality Series!

By   |   January 7, 2016   |   Dish!, Entertainment

Our own DivaGal Nicole Ferrell is doing a reality show on WEtv — and she’s sharing on how she survived Ex Isle!

How did you learn about the show and bec0me a part of it?
My best friend Patrice is an actress and she received an alert on a website and she thought, “this would be perfect for my best friend.” I applied in November 2014 and started the very long process. Next thing you know I was on a plane with my ex to the Dominican Republic.

What was your biggest issue with your ex?
He never knew how to make me feel sexy or that he wanted me even though he said he did. I also felt like he thought he knew everything and knew more than me; he always felt the need to correct me on everything. It was kind of annoying.

Were you surprised on how hard it is to be on reality show — especially when dealing with an ex-love?
Well I feel like my life is a reality show so I always feel there’s a camera on me. But being on a show, if you just want five minutes to yourself with no camera you can’t get it and that can be stressful. Then having my ex there was difficult because on one hand I wished he wasn’t there so I could feel free to talk to other guys. Then I was happy he was there because at lease I had a comfort zone. It can put a strain on a real friendship but I would definitely do another reality show.

We did hear singles show up on the island — were you tempted?
Yes I was tempted by anything at that point LOL! I was a little sexually frustrated being in what we call “the fish bowl” and the singles were really sexy!

Do you feel you resolved the issues you needed?
I can’t give away too much of the show, but I will say trying to find The One is a long and hard process that sometimes takes time. But I found myself throughout this process, so yes the issue was resolved.

Carmen Electra is hosting the series! Did you get any beauty secrets from Carmen?
Not so much beauty secrets — more like compliments to each other. I think with us both being from Ohio we had a little bond. So she would see me and we’ll talk about each other’s looks. I would compliment her on her shoes a lot! Carmen always looked gorgeous.

Will there be a season 2?

I’ll let the viewers decided that (laughs)! Right now we’re focusing on trying to get through this season and possibly a reunion show.

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