IMAGE GAL New Year, Fit You! Getting a Chemical Peel!

By   |   January 30, 2013   |   Entertainment, Lifestyle, Relationships

The only man who sees me with no make up whatsoever, the one man who knows all this leopardΓÇÖs spots, scars and fine lines is Dr. Sherwin Parikh at the Tribeca Skin Center in New York City.

When I have a lot of back-to-back days in full hair and make up, sometimes my skin can start to act a little out of control. A facial can help, but it simply is not going to reset my skin the way a peel does. Dr. Parikh is a fantastic dermatologist who understands the problems of hyperpigmentation that can be especially challenging to darker skin tones with unruly complexions. He is also the hippest, kindest and most positive person anyone would want to meet. He’s so full of brilliance and warmth that you could just eat him up with a spoon!

I always walk out of there glowing and looking slightly windblown. It’s whether we agree to set the peel to gentle or “deep fry please!ΓÇ¥ that determines whether IΓÇÖll gently flake for a few days or start to peel like a snake. This time, I suggest the deep fry followed by a mellow weekend of catching up with laundry, cleaning, reading and social networking so my skin had time to catch up with its imminent rosy glow.

The result? Glowing clear skin that is brighter, firmer, smoother and more uniform (the two days of rest and putting onesΓÇÖ life in order also does some good!).

When a dermatologist tells me there is a product on the market that they like, I listen and promptly purchase it! In this case itΓÇÖs M2 Mandelic Malic High Potency Skin Refinish. It claims to do everything. It’s so potent that you cannot use it for one week after a peel. I canΓÇÖt wait — IΓÇÖll keep you all posted!

Tribeca Skin Center, 315 Church St., NYC, (212) 334-3774.

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