INSPIRATION GAL: Come Together & Ask, Ask, Ask

By   |   October 31, 2011   |   Diva Mom, Entertainment, Relationships

Inspiration Gal kicks off her new series of positive mindsets … via The Beatles.

What is your favorite Beatles song? Even if you are not a fan of what many would call the greatest rock and roll band of all time, you’ve definitely heard one of their songs, probably in a car or food commercial, covered by another artist or as themes to classic ’80’s coming of age shows The Wonders Years and Life Goes On.

In 1969 John Lennon wrote ΓÇ£Come TogetherΓÇ¥ (although he and Paul McCarney are both credited for writing it). Lennon sings lead vocals with McCartney singing background. Years later, McCartney noted that, ΓÇ£I would have liked to sing harmony with John and I think he would have liked me to, but I was too embarrassed to ask him…ΓÇ¥

For some of us, we would rather do anything BUT ask someone for something. We have all heard of people who drive around in circles for hours before they ask for directions, or people who would rather get their house foreclosed before they ask for money. Even McCartney, one of the greatest artist of all time, was too embarrassed to ask Lennon if he could sing harmony. Mind you, this was his bandmate with whom he had written hundreds of songs and sang with for years! Paul was embarrassed!

Are you guilty of this too? If so, I am asking you to start asking for what you want from people, be it help, directions or to be included in an activity. Don’t be like Paul!

Why do we shrink away from asking others for things? Embarrassment, rejection? Remember the only person who has the power to make you feel embarrassed or rejected is yourself. The next time you think of asking for something, don’t think about a negative answer or being embarrassed. Concentrate on how great a positive answer will make your life. You cannot assume that the other person knows what you want or need. So you have to ask and expect the best.

So have you thought of your favorite Beatles song? No matter what it is, I want you to think of that song ΓÇ£Come Together.ΓÇ¥ Imagine how much better it would have been if McCartney and Lennon had sang lead vocals together. Think of the lyric, ΓÇ£Come together, right now,” the next time you need some assistance. Please come together. Ask for help from another.

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