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I realized the other day that the Olympics were only a few months away. I love the Olympics, but always get so stressed watching them hoping Team USA wins. The good thing about the 2008 Olympics was that Beijing was so far ahead in time I was always able to know the outcome before I watched the Olympics that night. No stress, no worry, no turning off the television for fear that I was jinxing Team USA just by watching. (I still blame myself for our beloved African- American figure skater Debi Thomas falling three times in the 1988 Winter Olympics.)

Fellow DivaGals, life can be like a prerecorded television event. Instead of getting stressed out about how things are going to end, we need to be confident that any struggle we are currently in will work itself out for the good. I know this is hard in the middle of the storm, but you must continue to tell yourself that even though things look bleak, they will work out for good.

When you lose your job, remember that is not the only job in the world. Sometimes you need to leave an okay job to find the perfect job. This is true for relationships that end and material items that are destroyed. A window does not close without a door opening.

So go through your life like you have already seen it on your DVR. Be assured that the ending is a happy one and you will be successful. The turmoil you are in is preparing you for an amazing future. So relax!

photo credit: courtesy American Skating World

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