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By   |   October 18, 2010   |   Relationships

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“I took a flight last Sunday and it was pretty miserable. I kept looking at the privacy curtain that separates the first class passengers from us poor slobs in coach, and kept thinking how there were probably no crying babies up there or winking, smelly, sweaty men, that the air must even be cleaner and the pillows softer. I didn’t even have a pillow in coach!

I was focused so much on how much better it was up there and the living hell I was in that I just started getting irritated about my entire life. Then I thought to myself, I may not be in first class, but I can still have a first class experience.

So I changed my thoughts to positive ones. I stopped hearing the crying baby behind me. I imagined my smelly sweater winker was Boris Kudrow and winked back!

I put on my iPod and began to concentrate on all the wonderful things on the plane: the temperature was just right, my beverage was perfectly cold and my seat was not too soft nor too firm; it was the seat Goldilocks picked! I looked out the window and saw it was a clear day and the sky was a beautiful blue. My headphones made Beyonce seem like she was performing in concert just a few rows ahead, and on my side of the first class curtain so I could see her.

I started noticing the positive things around me and suddenly was having a first class experience even if I was in coach. Before long, I couldn’t even remember what I was irritated about. Was it the sweaty smelly winker, the crying baby or the lack of pillow? No, it was me. Nothing had changed from my sour mood to my first class mood except for a shift in my thinking. Those other things had no control over my mood, I did. I had total control over my thoughts and I chose to be happy. I chose to have a first class experience and I did.

Every morning when we wake up we can choose to have a first class day. It’s as simple as making up your mind to have first class thoughts. So please, each day, choose the thoughts that make it a first class day.”

photo credit: Virgin America

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  1. Mom
    Monday, October 18th, 2010
    Nice article.
  2. Sakeena Nicole
    Monday, October 18th, 2010
    Hey - I am inspired


    truely inspired..

    you make me smile...

    gr8 words of inspiration

    I want more ...
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