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I have a friend who wants to run a marathon. SheΓÇÖs read several books on running and subscribes to Runner’s World magazine.

Every year I ask her if she’s ready to run her marathon, and she tells me about a new running or breathing technique she needs to master before she can enter the race.

Every year when she gives me another reason not to run the marathon I tease her about it and tell her, ΓÇ£Just do it — you got to get in it to win it!ΓÇ¥ She laughs and tells me she will, but has to get this technique just perfect.

We all have a marathon in our life that we keep planning to run but havenΓÇÖt started.

I know tons of people who want to diet but are waiting until after the holiday. Just do it! There are people who want to ask for a raise but they want to wait until the economy gets better. Just do it! I have a friend who wants to run for public office but is waiting until he has more experience. Just do it — running for office IS the experience.

People want things to be perfect before they start a new challenge. They want all the information before they start a new project, or want a certain type of training before they can take on that challenge.

It’s important to prepare yourself for a new odyssey in life, but not to the point where you use that preparation to avoid actually taking on the challenge. And here’s a secret: things will never get to a perfect point to start. At some point you have to “just do it.”

There will always be a new breathing technique and another holiday coming and one more thing to learn. So go ahead and just do it. You cannot win it unless you are in it!

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