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By   |   January 23, 2012   |   Diva Mom, Entertainment

Happy New Year! Inspiration Gal has been gone for a few weeks preparing for the New Year! I have been unpacking! Some folks make New Year’s Resolutions — I unpack.

I unpacked all of the baggage I had from last year because that stuff isn’t coming with me into 2012! I am lightening my load and whatever made me feel heavy is staying in 2011. So I am unpacking bitterness, pride, anger, jealously and self pity. I am replacing that heavy baggage with things that make me feel light: happiness, love, self-confidence and generosity.

The airport isn’t the only place that fines you for having too much baggage — life fines you as well. Holding on to baggage drags you down. It keeps you to focused in the past to enjoy what the future may hold. Go ahead, unpack and enjoy what 2012 has to offer without thinking about the baggage of the past

Who are you going to be in 2012? The person with baggage that weighs them down so hard they can hardly move? Or will you be like me and unpack that baggage and be light and free!

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