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By   |   April 18, 2011   |   Relationships

For several years now, I have grown roses. Few can argue that they aren’t one of the prettiest and sweet smelling flowers on Earth. But it takes a lot to grow a rose.

One of the things that new rose gardeners find the hardest is pruning. You take your regal looking beautiful plant, and then you cut away parts of it. Pruning encourages growth and it helps the rose brush breath. You cannot have a strong and healthy rose bush unless it is periodically pruned.

We prune to improve the health and appearance of a rose bush, but right after a pruning it often looks spindly and bare. Yet in due time, the branches and flowers grow back in a more beautiful and manicured appearance than before.

Sometimes life is like a rose bush. Have you ever felt like you are losing everything–your job, your money, a significant other or a dear friend? Your life is being pruned. But just like the rose bush, you cannot thrive and grow without a good pruning once in a while. You are not going through a bad spell–you are going through a pruning season in preparation for the growing season.

So when you feel that you are losing things, remember the rose bush and how it needs to be pruned to be strong and healthy, just like your life. That rose bush is you.

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