LOSE 20 POUNDS IN SIX WEEKS: Handling An Injury Setback!

By   |   March 8, 2012   |   Entertainment, Relationships

As promised, this week’s bonus segment with Samantha von Sperling as she fights to drop the pounds in six short weeks.

All great battles have their setbacks. The battle to lose my divorce weight is no different. So far I had been averaging a loss of 2 pounds a week. I was excited to do a little kickboxing because A) ItΓÇÖs such a awesome total body workout, and B) I love throwing punches at my trainer Scott!

I was doing some strength training exercises when Scott told me to jump up to the handle bars and do some pull ups (yes, I laughed too. I have no upper body strength!). So I jumped up and… BAM, $!#%!! I banged my knee into a protruding piece of steel. The cut was not too bad, but the painful bruise to my knee cap had me seeing stars.

The personal trainer prescription? Scott administered first aid with lots of ice and said the good news was that giving my knee time to heal would finally force me to rest my shoulder. It’s always important to take time off when the body is in trauma, Scott advises. I’ll keep up my spirits wearing these great Muppet-themed Band-Aids featuring the ultimate DivaGal Miss Piggy. Now that would cheer up the anyone who’s feeling blue (or green!).

A terrible pit fall, with so little time left to achieve my goal. But I refuse to give in. I’ll be back next week with another recount of my grueling workouts!

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