Meeting the Real Royal Pains' Evan

By   |   June 3, 2010   |   Entertainment

pconstanzopatrick-harbronusa-networkTV DivaGal took a little field trip last week to the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based set of Royal Pains.

There, I got the scoop on the real life man who inspired Evan Lawson, Hank’s little screw-up of a brother, and believe me, the news wasn’t pretty.

“This guy isn’t even charming or likable,” declared Jill Flint, who plays hospital administrator Jill Casey.

Jill had the (un)pleasure of meeting Evan’s real-life doppelganger at the series creator’s birthday party. “This guy literally jumped in between [our creator] Andrew Lenchewski and my co-star Reshma Shetty. He sort of pushed Reshma and she asked, ‘What is going on?’ He looks at me and he goes, ‘Hey, I’m so-and-so,’ I don’t even remember his name. I did not file that away. It was like, in one ear, out the other.”

Being ever gracious, Jill tried to engage the real Evan in conversation. “I looked at him like, ‘Yeah?’ And he responds back, ‘Oh, you don’t know who I am?’ Not a clue, buddy. I have no idea who you are. ‘I’m the guy that Evan is based off of.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, boy! YouΓÇÖre special.'”

Jill’s congeniality lasted about three minutes before she had to excuse herself. “I ran. To the bar, actually.” Who wouldn’t need a drink after that?

Luckily, the Paulo Constanzo, who plays Evan, is nothing like the real one. “Paulo does such a great job with Evan. He’s so charming.”

And the real life Divya?

“I did meet the real Divya,” Jill said. ” She’s lovely. As is our Reshma.”

Thank goodness!

Royal Pains, season two, premieres Thursday, June 3 at 10 p.m on USA Network.

Want more scoop from the set? Read my piece today at!

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/USA Network

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