NEW YEAR, NEW ME Go (Fly)Wheel Yourself!

By   |   February 3, 2015   |   Fitness

West Coast DivaGals Regan Farley and Entertainment Gal get their spin on at FlyWheel in L.A.!

With a new year comes great New Year’s resolutions like getting that new job you always wanted, finding love at first sight and also shedding those extra pounds. The L.A. DivaGals team got to do just that at FlyWheel West Hollywood. FlyWheel combines cycling and some amazing dances moves to get you in the mood and make you stick to those resolutions.


We arrived at the FlyWheel studio, prepped to get our sweat on. If we were scared of getting messy hair, FlyWheel had that covered because each of the evening’s participants also received a unique braided hair style from Eden by Eden Sasson finishing studio.

Body Language Sports wear provided our gear to rock while cycling. We also had the chance to muscle up with Muscle Milk and choose from organic vanilla or chocolate milk flavors. Then it was time to cycle!

FlyWheel has different bikes than Entertainment Gal and I are used to. There’s a digital readout so you can see exactly how good (or bad) you’re doing. It kept us from pushing too hard while letting us know how out of shape we’ve been. Entertainment Gal did need to strip at one point because she was so hot. But I know our Body Language Sportswear kept us quite dry, despite the fact we were dripping with sweat. Our EIC asked to see pics — just to see if we really got on the bikes. But cameras weren’t allowed in the studio.

Once done, Tender Greens provided food light refreshments during a nutritional information session.

We truly give FlyWheel an A+ on the DivaGals rating scale.The experience has motivated us to get back to doing something athletic on a regular basis, if for no other reason, so that we’re not quite so pathetic next time!



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