NEW YEAR, NEW ME! How To Show Your Man You Love Him

By   |   February 25, 2015   |   Lifestyle, Relationships

Sure, you showed your man you loved him on Valentine’s Day… but what have you done for him lately? Sometimes we forget that the men in our lives might want a bit of romancing too, even if they’re not looking for flowers and chocolate. Relationships go both ways, and it’s important that we don’t become all taking and no giving. You need to show him that you appreciate him, both in big ways and small ones.

We know it’s easy to let things slip and realize that you might be neglecting him a little if you don’t pay attention. Make sure your man doesn’t forget you care about him and keep him on his toes with some of these Divalicious gestures.

Use Your Words. Sometimes men find it harder to express themselves in words than women do. They’re taught not to express their feelings as openly as we do. But we can help them out by leading by example and encouraging them to share as many mushy words as we do. Words aren’t everything – some people say talk is cheap – but sometimes your partner needs to hear you say that you love them, or even just to hear a thank you now and then. Not everyone is skilled at taking meaning from gestures, so a few words or a soppy love poem on occasion doesn’t only have to be for women.

Show, Don’t Tell. If neither of you is one for constant gushing, perhaps you more of a woman of action. Why should women get all the pampering from their loving partners? Showing him you love him doesn’t have to mean huge sweeping gestures all the time. Sometimes lots of tiny things are what make people realize the love they have for each other. It could be anything from buying his favorite snack while you’re at the store to helping him out with a work project. Small actions that let him know you think about him and are there for him will show that your relationship is equal.

Let Him Have His Own Time. Sometimes showing your boyfriend or husband that you care about him isn’t about being there all the time. Even though you’re now a “matched set,” it doesn’t mean you can’t have your own lives. You don’t have to have only “couples friends” and do everything together. As you’ll find in this guide to help you pull your ex-boyfriend back for good, time apart can make you appreciate each other more. He’s still his own person, and you’re still yours, so don’t treat him like you have him on a tight leash. There are times when you should discuss doing something with friends before you do it, but neither of you needs the other’s permission.

Make Grand Gestures. Grand gestures ain’t all that, but that doesn’t mean they’re always off limits. Don’t leave them all up to him when you could arrange some amazing surprises for him too. Take him on vacation, get him tickets to see his favorite team play or cook him a romantic dinner. And who says the man has to propose? #GreatestGrandGesture

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