NEW YEAR, NEW ME! Make Over Your Home

By   |   February 18, 2015   |   Lifestyle

Spring will be here, sooner than we think! So now is the time to start planning your seasonal change spring clean for a new home for your new you!

Here are some simple tips for getting your home looking fresh and new in next to no time.

Bedroom. Your bedroom is obvious a great place to relax and wake up feeling rested. Many people donΓÇÖt realize enough how much of your daily motivation comes from when you wake up and open those curtains. Luxury bed linen is a great place to start. Pick up a brightly colored duvet or throw. Change out your curtains with something a little brighter. You will be surprised at how this little splash of color can affect your mood in the mornings.

Another great tip to freshen up your bedroom is to paint cabinets and doors. If you are a DIY Diva, you can remove handles and knobs from your furniture, sand it down and then repaint. There are some great tutorials on YouTube and with a lot of patience and fairly little skill you can get a great distressed look. This will freshen up your furniture and leave your guests wondering how you afforded to buy it.

Art. One of the best ways to freshen up a room or hallway is to add some art. If you have a large budget, go crazy and buy something that you love to pop that wall. However, if the money is an issue all you need to do is shop around to find something decent. There are many markets that sell fancy postcards with phrases and slogans; these can be a great conversation piece and also brighten up your home. Simply buy a cheap frame and pop your new postcards in. One of the best resources for freshening up your walls is to visit Etsy. The site ranges from affordable to fairly expensive and offers an amazing range of art. Simple prints of iconic passages from books or quotes from movies can be picked up an next to nothing. If you are feeling brave, you can also pick up large vinyl stickers that stick on your walls. There are lots of designs available, so there’s something to suit all tastes.

Bathroom. Changing out your whole bathroom suite is expensive and time-consuming (and what Diva wants to give up her abode for an extended time?). A great simple fix is to get some lovely new high-quality fluffy towels, a luxury toilet seat and a high-quality shower curtain. These simple steps will improve your bathroomΓÇÖs feel without breaking the bank. If you are feeling a little more adventurous consider changing out faucet fixtures or maybe even the lighting.

Scent. You know how much better a man looks when he smells good? Well, one of the simplest changes you can make to your home┬áis its smell. I am sure you will have been to a friend’s home and it looks lovely, but the odors of their pet or smoking puts you off! Invest in some really nice fragrance candles that complement each other; they will make everything come together.

And lastly, donΓÇÖt forget to have fun with your home makeover!


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