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By   |   February 24, 2015   |   Lifestyle, Travel

Fellow DivaGals! It’s cold up here in the northeast. We’d love a warm weather getaway! And if it recharges our body too, even better!

There are, fortunately, a few fabulous options we’re so ready to check out, those where we can make the most of pampering and indulgence while enjoying Yoga, spa treatments and other healthy options (of course, there will be cocktails served at sunset and plenty of gorgeous food to sample!).

How about some gorgeous white sand beaches where we can lay all day, watching the surf or reading. We are talking, of course, about Bali, an island and province of Indonesia.

It may have just looked like a celebrity spot in Eat Pray Love, but this kind of luxury is actually available to everyone. There are several resorts on the island of Bali, but the ones that are seriously hot and trendy right now are in the very South of Bali. These feel like exclusive resorts, reserved only for the rich and famous. Despite the gated communities and security checks, you too can live the life of a celebrity. Pampering and high-class service come as standard, with daily massages. What more could you want? Search for a luxury hotel in Bali online to see what you could be getting.

It may sound like the holiday of a lifetime — and it certainly is — and you’ll probably want to be coming back again and again.

Bali has so much to offer in terms of culture, history and cuisine. You may be up in the mountains, or down on a white sand beach, but the experience is the same: amazing! Make the most of the coral reef waters, or visit the incredible museum. Bali can be one thing or a hundred. It is up to you how much you take back with you.

All the luxury and pampering will never grow old, but you might want to head out to see what the locals are up to. Food is full of intense and exotic flavors thanks to the enormous amount of herbs and spices the Balinese dishes require. Lots of these meals are hot, but many are just so flavorful, youΓÇÖll want seconds. The wildlife in Bali is quite exotic too, with so many beautiful birds and fish. Try snorkeling to see the reef in all its beauty.

Whatever else you decide to do in Bali, making the most of the luxury you can find in the resorts and hotels is a must. All that pampering and spa treatment will leave you feeling like Beyonce!


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