NEW YOU! How To Smash Your Health & Fitness Goals In 2019!

By   |   January 15, 2019   |   Lifestyle

Divas! You probably started the New Year full of ambition and drive to get your health back on track. But it’s so easy to fall back into old habits, even a half month in! In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the ways that you can avoid early burnout so that you can stay on track to smash your health and fitness goals this year and every other year going forward.

Plan Your Meals.One of the keys to getting fit and healthy is to start developing better habits around food. Although people often start out finding this easy to do at the start of the year, they can start to go back to the old habits once they once they have a long day at work, start to feel a bit tired or just like it isn’t working for them.

How can you avoid these pitfalls? Start meal planning! Meal planning is a great way to keep you on track with healthy habits around food and also to keep you organized, focused and help you save more money and time. How you start with meal planning is really up to you and there’s plenty of inspiration online at places like KetoLogic that will show you how to develop healthy meal plans around your needs and your diet, but basically all you really need is a simple calendar where you choose a recipe for each day of the week, and then buy the ingredients in advance.

Start Slow and Build. Having ambition for your fitness and health goals is a good thing to have, but rushing it out the gate can sometimes be a little too much too soon, which can actually sabotage your goals. Going to the gym every day of the week if you’ve never been before in your life may lead to a fast burn out. What you should do instead is start off slowly: take a couple of classes to figure out what you like to do – Spin? Boot Camp? Yoga? Speak to trainers to learn how to use gym equipment correctly so you don’t strain or sprain yourself. You can even hire a personal trainer for a month to help out together a program that will help change your body in a safe manner.

Do What You Love.So many people start going to the gym because they think that’s the only way to get fit, but the truth is there is no one way to get fit and healthy. You should be doing things that you enjoy.┬áLook into outdoor┬árunning. Many towns have running organizations so you don’t have to do it alone. Or maybe you’d rather be at the Y swimming or taking a dance class┬á A brisk walk enjoying your town’s scenery is a great way to start your fitness routine. The key is to pick other activities that you find fun. When you enjoy your exercise, you’ll stick with it and the changes will come.┬á

Be Patient With Yourself.┬áThe thing to remember, as it is with any good thing, is that it’s going to take time to change, and if you’ve never been to the gym before or you’ve never tried to embrace a healthy lifestyle, these things don’t happen overnight. It can take up to 28 days for you to form a new habit, so be patient with yourself and realize that although it may take a little time before you start seeing results, when you do start seeing them, it will be worth it.

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