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Show To Watch: All-American Handyman

By   |   September 5, 2010   |   Entertainment

hhman101_06-behind-the-scenes-competitors_s4x3_lgAll-American Handyman launches on HGTV tonight!

TV DivaGal talked to series judge, Income Property‘s Scott McGillivray to find out whether the 20 contestants have what it takes to nail a season of tough contracting challenges.

Tell me a little about the challenges the contestants face.

We really needed to narrow down the contestant pool quickly, so a couple of them are small tasks, and then they take on much bigger challenges. There are some mini-challenges: Can you fix the plumbing and patch the roof all in a short amount of time, just like it would be in real life.

What are the most important skills a goody handyman or woman should have?

Generally they have to be able to work with tools. And they should know how to frame a wall. Most renovations require the understanding of a building’s basic structure. They should really know how to stud and build a wall.

Your fellow judge is Holmes on Homes’ Mike Holmes. Did you guys ever get into any disagreements over which contestants stay or go?

Mike and I get along very well. We are great friends; however, that doesn’t mean we always agree. There were times we were up till four in the morning to decide on whom was going home.

What were you looking for in the contestants?

The whole idea was not to bring in general contractors. These are people with a hidden talent or a hobby, and they’re not 100 percent sure if they really have the stuff to do this for real. It’s a real testament to what they have learned up to this point. Mike and I hung out with most of the contestants, helping them learn new things along the way. It went really well, it was amazing experience.

There’s one challenge where the contestants have to identify construction tools from the past. Did you know all of them yourself?

You know, Mike and I did each other’s challenges and we passed them, but even I didn’t know all those old tools. They were pretty interesting.

Will we be seeing any meltdowns from our handymen and women during the competition?

There are definitely some meltdowns and some tears. Yeah there was a bit of crying. Crying means you’re going home!

scottmcgillivray2What was your biggest goof before you became a licensed contractor?

When I was first starting out, I was a handyman. I made a lot of mistakes, but no one ever got hurt and I never got hurt I got myself. I tried to do some plumbing work, which ended with a septic tank backing up in the basement, and I was standing in four inches of sewage. I became so much better after that.

All-American Handyman premieres Sunday, Sept. 5 at 9 p.m. on HGTV.

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