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OnginaRuPaulDragULOGOTV DivaGal loves a makeover show, especially when it’s a real drag!

So I’m so watching RuPaul’s Drag U tonight, where every day gals who are low on self-esteem get a shot of fabulousness on LOGO’s new series.

TV DivaGal spoke with one of the series professors, Miss Ongina herself, to get the scoop on what we should look out for tonight. Because you know it’s gonna be fierce!

You and seven of your fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race alum are giving makeovers to women!

Yes! We have eight messy drag queens from season one and two making over hot messy women for a hot, messy show. We act as professors, and the girls who come in and enroll, they want to be beautiful inside and out. We get to help with that transformation and make them over from head to toe.

The girls compete after their makeovers. What was your strategy to come out on top?

Makeovers are really hard because there’s that sense of sense of trust you have to build with these women. If they don’t trust you, you can’t make them over because they won’t let you touch them, and that was something I wanted to overcome. I needed to be very firm in what I believed in and if I gained their trust, it was something that would show on the runway. I told them, I’ve never going to put you up on that stage looking like a hot mess, don’t you even worry about it. A lot of them did trust me and I was happy and excited that they did.

Do you ever get a girl who’s a real challenge?

When you put a man dressed like a women in four inches of makeup and you give them a real women to make over, there’s always going to be that “What are you going to make me look like” question. There is definitely a student who was more challenging than others, but gained I her trust. I taped her down, duck taped her mouth so she didn’t talk and just started making her over. (Laughs) I didn’t do that, but I wish that I had. It would have been easier.

You’re known for your headdresses. Did you put any of your girls in them?

No I actually I didn’t. I wanted them to feel beautiful inside and out. I wanted my girls to feel comfortable, even if I added a thing or two in their wigs to make it look like they had something on their heads. I didn’t shave anyone’s head just so I could put a headpiece on them. It would have made for a really good episode if I did!

Speaking of good episodes. Is there drama behind the scenes?

It’s sort of a competition for us professors too. We’re making over these women and they are competing against each other, so the reality is we’re competing against each other. There’s definitely tension in the workroom, and there’s always going to be tension in the workroom, especially when it’s drag queens in one room. You’re going to see some drama, laughter and tears; some yelling, maybe some screaming and some stealing and shadiness. What drag queen reality show wouldn’t have that?

RuPaul’s Drag U premieres July 19 at 9 p.m. on LOGO.

Tune in tomorrow for part two of our interview with Ongina!

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