Someone Put Matt Barr Back in a Series, Please!

By   |   August 5, 2009   |   Entertainment
Learning the hard way <br> courtesy Lee Wallman PR

Learning the hard way courtesy Lee Wallman PR

I’ve kind of had a TV crush on Matt Barr since I first caught him stalking Peyton on One Tree Hill.

He popped up as bad boy with a death sentence on Harper’s Island, and briefly played Serena’s absent dad in a Gossip Girl flashback.

With the GG spin-off not happening, how will I get my Matt fix now?

Well, the Dallas, Tex., native is starring in Sex Ed: The Series.

The independent TV pilot centers on a Sex Ed college course where the professor uses unorthodox methods to get her students aroused, in learning, of course!

The series doesn’t have a network, yet!, so it had its premiere screening at the Independent Television Festival in Los Angeles, and Matt was in tow.

I never thought I’d go back to college, but in this case, it was totally worth it! Check out my exclusive interview with him, below!

What was one of the misconceptions you had about sex growing up?
There was so much fear put on sex, that it’s bad and destructive in some way. As you get older and evolve, you find a way to really enjoy it for what it is. You learn to love it and have fun with it.

What’s your craziest sexual encounter?
I was with a girlfriend at Victoria’s Secret to get her something for our anniversary, and we went in the dressing room and got it on while she was trying on lingerie. I thought that was pretty hot.

Sounds pretty daring. Are you a real-life adventurer?
I’ve been skydiving several times. I’m kind of addicted to it. The last place I went was in my hometown because I wanted to share it with my dad and brother. I got them that for Christmas. I wanted to share that thrill. My mom skydives too. Life is about taking risks and chances. That’s why we enjoy sex, we feel engaged whether it’s 40 minutes or four hours.

On Sex Ed: The Series, your character Dean is kind of the male campus slut. What is he searching for under all those sheets?
I think because his father died early in life, he’s trying to figure out “What do I value in my life? What’s really important?” He’s coming of age and wants to invest in life, but he doesn’t know how yet. He’s searching for that answer.

And most of the time in a very compromising position. How do you feel about doing sex scenes on camera?
I guess I found that confidence behind the character. It’s kind of a fa├ºade to do whatever I want, because Dean’s not me. I’m pretty modest in real life, so I had to jump in and go for it. There’s nothing more humiliating than watching yourself have sex on screen and saying, “Is that what I look like?”

Joanna Cassidy plays your professor, and she hits on Dean in the episode. Would you like to play out the Cougar storyline?
In a heartbeat. Have you seen that woman? She is stunning.

What do you look for in a woman?
Someone fun and adventurous. You got to be willing to dance, whether you’re good or terrible, just get up there and sweat and really jump into life.

How are your own dance skills?
Pretty embarrassing. I’m like the whitest guy you’ve ever met in your life. But I did meet the last girl I dated on the dance floor. She was doing this salsa thing by herself and she just looked beautiful. In the boldest move of my life, I made my way to the dance floor, grabbed her and spun her around. She threw her leg around me and did this little dip. The dance floor parted and people made this circle around us, and the dance gods for like two minutes blessed me with skill. When the song stopped she said, “You’re the greatest dancer ever.” That’s the one and only time I’ll ever hear that in my life.

In college I was called the Dance Thang Diva. So when you’re ready for a lesson Matt, just holla!

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