STYLE GALS: PattyOnSite Glows Over “Sparkle”

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Screen style expert PattyOnSite breaks down the glamorous fashion in Sparkle!

The screen sure did SPARKLE! I have been waiting with great anticipation for the remake of the 1973 musical Sparkle.

I have to admit I have not seen the original which I plan to do — I wanted to see the 2012 version first so I would not subconsciously be forced to compare.

Starring Jordin Sparks, British born Carmen Ejogo, The Game‘s snappy Tika Sumpter, the ever so charming Derek Luke and of course legendary Whitney Houston, I absolutely loved this film.

I gasped over the cast’s beautiful tones, hues and textures in on the screen, hues that are rare in most mainstream movies, sad to say. So when I get to view an array of a strikingly beautiful cast in celluloid it’s an automatic thumbs up! (If you are not sure what I am referring to – please see this movie and you will understand.)

I felt the performance of British-born Carmen who played “Sister” was outstanding. There was not a trace of her accent – in fact I did not even realize she was British. By far , she was the best. I only hope the Oscar committee recognizes this fact, instead of always opting for those melon-faced OTP (One Trick Pony) popular actresses. Carmen’s performance should not be missed.

Jordin for her first time out was believable, sweet and delightfully enchanting. Derek commanded his role with gentle ease. Audiences will adore this young man. He no doubt fills his acting with honorable grace as Sidney Poitier once did. I hope Derek continuously chooses roles with positive undertones — a quality we don’t always get to see. If he does stay consistent he will have a long and respectable career.

Whitney Houston — I only wish she would of really listened to her own dialogue; I believe she would still be alive today. Her acting had much improved. Her solo number in the film will cripple you with emotion.

OK, now the good stuff — The Fashions! I could hardly contain myself! I knew going in Sparkle would be my new fab fav fashion film. I was squirming in my seat with every stylish frame.

The garments and accessories stayed true to the 1960s era. Every dress, pair of shoes and dangling globe earrings could be wore today without missing a style beat.

Mod was the trend: swing dresses, mini-skirts, matching dresses with graphically pattern-printed car coats in bold colors of rich oranges, reds , browns and blues. These tones pop on the luminous array of the cast’s skin tones.

Whitney Houston’s character wears a killer leopard printed cape in a full-length sceen. I am sure director Salim Akil said, “here’s a fashion film moment — show that cape!”

The stage wardrobe of the singing group performances sure did SPARKLE with brightness, gloss and glitz! I felt I bit underdressed in my traditional movie going sweats.

I went in not knowing who was the film’s costume designer; however, I knew it had to be a TRUE designer. The fashions reeked of classic Bill Blass, dabs of Micheal Kors and chunks of Marc Jacobs.

As the credits rolled I could not wait to see who indeed designed the outfits. Much to my extreme delight, it was b michael! If you don’t know his name — look him up immediately. He has been designing costumes for years and has a grand celeb list of clients. I have worked with him during New York City Fashion Week, and he is so kind and nice; a rarity sometimes in the fashion industry. He is underrated; trust me, b is far more talented than many of the popular designers today.

If you are looking to duplicate the fashion style of the film – shop Joe Fresh, hunt in H&M and and run to J.Crew for color.

The men’s fashions were equally as trend setting. Shop Ben Sherman and J.Crew, which captures the Ivy feel with crewneck sweaters and 3/4 length coats.

Sparkle also picked up on Fall 2012 trends, and I have called it: ladylike watches are making a comeback. Yes, the slimmer feminine wristwatch is back.

Another superbly visual trend these days are eyeglasses. Jordin’s character wears the cutest ’60s style reading glasses. They were “old lady” in nature but with the increasing use of the computers and texting more than half of today’s user population are wearing glasses. Hers would be considered stylishly hip if worn today.

If I missed any of the frocks, it’s because it was so hard for me to breathe as I was so mesmerized by the R. Kelly music and the beauty. Perfect excuse for me to see Sparkle again & again!


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  1. maile
    Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
    I luved this article! ..shame on me I still have not seen have just made this movie an immediate must see for me...
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