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By   |   September 7, 2011   |   Entertainment

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 starts tomorrow, and we have got the perfect accessory for your man. Daytime TV’s Sean Kanan has a new mission in life, to teach everyday Joes how to be the modern gentleman!

The Young and the Resltess star has written his first book, The Modern Gentleman; Cooking and Entertainment with Sean Kanan, a how-to guide on cooking and entertaining and most importantly, on how to impress a woman.

“In today’s confusing dating landscape, it can be difficult not to be regulated to being the nice guy when you’re a gentleman,” Sean explains. “In the book there’s a lot on how to be the best guy that you can … and how to connect with women.” In addition, Sean shares that guys who are taught to be gentlemen, “don’t grow up to be bullies. They grow up to be tolerant, well-adjusted guys.” That sounds like the kind of man who would impress us!

TV DivaGal asked Sean his top rules of a gentleman:

“Nobody wants to date their brother,” Sean says. “Girls aren’t looking for another girlfriend, women are looking for male energy.” Sean advises on embracing those differences, without seeing women as objects. “Realize they are human beings with exciting passions and ideas. Try to connect on that level,” he shares.

Sean also encourages readers to appeal to the senses. “When someone comes into your home, say for a date, they may have worked all day long in a cubicle. You can transport them to another place by creating a bit of illusion, and you do that by catering to all five.” Sean says have flowers to please the eyes and nose, and then invite your woman into the kitchen to be your sous chef. “I like to get a woman into the kitchen to help me a little bit, because there’s nothing sexier for a woman than watching a man do something he does really well. It’s great because suddenly she’s seeing you in a place where women don’t think men are real facile.” In the kitchen, you can also engage the senses of hearing, touch and taste.

Of course, to really wow your woman in the kitchen, you need “a good saut├⌐ pan and a really good set of knives,” Sean declares. “Knives are expensive, so get a good set, the best you can afford. And get a good cutting board as well.” Sean suggests adding other items to your kitchen little by little, and definitely tap into mom to gift you essential utensils. “If you say, ‘Mom, you know what? I’m really trying to tighten up my kitchen,’ she will go bonkers,” Sean laughs.

As for manners themselves, “the empirical evidence about how people behave is one of the first ways we make decisions and form opinions about them,” and having good manners is one of the ways to leave a positive impact, Sean explains. Having impeccable dining skills, bringing something to someone’s house when you attend a party and writing thank you notes are just some of the ways you let others know that you conduct yourself in a certain way.

Sean is currently on the road promoting his book. Catch him in New York City on Thursday Sept. 15 at The Drama Book Shop, and on Thursday, Sept. 22 at Barnes & Noble (Bookstar) in Los Angeles, Calif. Want to teach someone in your life how to be the modern gentleman? Pick up a copy of the book online at Sean’s website,

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