SYTYCD: Ellenore's Moment of Redemption!

By   |   November 18, 2009   |   Entertainment
Back on track! <br> credit: Joe Viles/FOX

Back on track! credit: Joe Viles/FOX

While TV DivaGal wasn’t as insulted over the Krumping number Ellenore Scott and her partner Ryan Di Lello performed last week on So You Think You Can Dance, America was p.o.-ed and put the couple in the bottom three.

Thank goodness they got Contemporary with Travis Wall this week!

Fresh from the pairs’ praises from the judges, Ellenore revealed to the TV DivaGal what she thought of last night’s stellar performance, how she really felt about being in the bottom three and just how amazing Ryan’s abs are up close!

What were you thinking as you took on Travis Wall’s contemporary piece last night?

I felt that as I was learning it, it would be more of a redemption piece and a comeback. I felt the judges understood that and also felt that way. It made me very happy, relieved and relaxed.

How psyched were you when you found out you were working with Travis?

I freaked out. This was my first time with him, and he’s just brilliant. Talk about up-and-coming choreographers, well, he’s already big. But he’s so smart and intelligent. I just was so happy to work with him.

What moment stands out to you the most in the dance?

Ryan and I have a really good bond as partners and people. So in the small moments when we were just staring at each other, it felt like a movie. The intensity of having that one stare, I will remember that forever.

You said in your rehearsal segment that you hadn’t experienced that kind of lost love yet. What did you use as inspiration to get into character?

Both of us had a hard time feeling those emotions. But Travis told us this actually happened to him. He was madly in love with someone and it ended, and then he saw that person in the street. As he was explaining it, I was putting those emotions into my body, and trying to feel how I would feel if that happened to me.

Do you feel you have a good shot of surviving tonight’s elimination?

I feel like we have a good shot, and that a lot of people will connect with this dance. Hopefully they’ll pick up the phone and vote for us. Especially after last week of being in the bottom three, which is the worst feeling ever.

If you do have to “Dance for Your Life,” will you take into consideration the judge’s comments from last week that none of the performances were up to par?

I have my solo ready, just in case. I did feel like that┬áwhen they said that they didn’t like any of them, it was a little harsh. I thought all the solos were brilliant in their own individual way. We’re not season 5; we’re season 6. We are ourselves, and we should not be compared to another season. But I do want to take their critiques and use them on myself. I’m going to add a little more to my solos ΓÇô try to make them more exciting and use the stage more. I notice that I sometimes stay in one place when I dance.

Are you dreading getting Hip-Hop again?

I do have a pop-locking father, so it’s in my genes. Krumping’s not. (laughs) If I do get Hip-Hop again, if it’s in my destiny, I will work my hardest to make it so much better.

Okay, so you’ve got to let every woman know in America, just how rock hard are Ryan’s abs?

They are so hard it’s like a carved wooden board. And so hot you can fry eggs on them.

Can one of the choreographers figure out how to get that in a routine?

So You Think You Can Dance, elimination night, airs Wed. Nov. 18 at 8 p.m on Fox.

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