The Bachelorette: A Black Girl’s Advice for Ashley!

By   |   June 13, 2011   |   Entertainment

We know that Ashley, the reality starlet on this season’s The Bachelorette, can be a little bit too sensitive when it comes to her Bachelors. What she needs is a black girlfriend to teach her how to tell these boys where to shove it. So TV DivaGal is taking on the challenge.

Let’s start with William and the roast. Ashley, when he mentioned you had a small chest, you should have told him anything more than a pinch can ruin the soup!

And then there’s Bentley, the bad boy who duped you into thinking he liked you (even though you had been warned otherwise), and then dumped yah hard. First of all girl, you should have never given a playa true access to your heart. Sure, you can get in a few smooches since he’s kind of a hottie, but once you started feeling something, you needed to cut it off. Not hard to do when you’ve got 18 other guys waiting to get with yah. When Bentley wanted to leave, you should have picked up the phone in the middle of his speech and dialed up the Bachelor house, stat. When he asked what you were doing, you reply, in your best Beyonce voice: “To the leftΓǪ Don’t you ever get to thinking you’re irreplaceableΓǪ”

As for eliminated contestant Jeff Medolla, he’s now revealing he wasn’t that into you either!

Don’t recognize the name, Ashley? Yep, we all just know Jeff as goof who wore that dumb mask. Well, here’s what he’s saying about you.

“No, I didn’t really feel a connection at all,” he admitted in a conference call. “She’s typically not likeΓǪ I usually date girls with darker hair and whatever.”

Hmmm, well isn’t that calling the kettle covered up? After all Jeff says he was trying to make a statement on the show by keeping his looks under wraps. “The whole idea behind it, as much as it was a jokeΓǪ there is a great message, which is don’t judge me for what I look like or maybe money that I have or materialistic things.” Nice double standard, Masky.

Of course, judging by the million times he mentioned it during his exit interview, Jeff was most likely on the show to promote his wine business (which we won’t do here, Ashley! Readers, Google him if you’re really interested in knowing!)

On this one Ashley, you did the right thing by sending Jeff packing once he revealed himself. Had to make sure first he wasn’t so fine that it was worth keeping him around!


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