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JakeViennaTheBacheloretteABCThere was only one reason to watch The Bachelorette tonight: Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giradi, the post break-up interview!

Of course, ABC made us wait until the end of our weekly Bachelorette fill to see this, and you’re going to have to wait till the end of TV DivaGal’s recap, too.

It was down to the final five for Ali, who was flipping over picking her final four since she’ll meet their families, a daunting concept, no doubt. Roberto got the first date. Sitting on the steps of castle ruins in Portugal, he told Ali that he’s not nervous to bring her home to taste all his mom’s Spanish food. If Ali doesn’t pick Roberto, I think we’re staring at the series’ first ethnic Bachelor-to-be. It’s about time!

Back at the Bachelor pad, Frank learned he got the two-on-one date with Ty, and he was pissed. That boy is having a harder and harder time fighting for Ali’s affection as he gets closer to the finish line. During their alone time, Frank pleaded for Ali to come home with him and admitted he actually lives at home with his parents, to which Ali gave him a big ole kiss. Yeah, we know what she was thinking: I better get my action in now since I’m not getting busy in his childhood bedroom!

Kirk lost his dude ‘tude for the first time during his one-on-one date. He said that wasn’t falling for the idea of Ali or the concept of love, but he really cared about her. Kirk’s confession (and his chiseled abs!), would have won me over right then and there, if it weren’t for Chris L., who opened up about his beloved mom, who passed away a year ago. Hearing about how much she was still loved by her friends and family was just heartwarming. And that boy can kiss.

In the end, it was Ty who was sent packing, and we learned that ABC could deliver a satisfying episode of The Bachelorette in 90 minutes or less. Oh please, ABC, make it a reality every week!

On to the confrontation! Vienna totally nailed Jake, saying that once the cameras stopping rolling he was insensitive, emotionally abusive and just plain mean. He kept her from her family, her career and even her dog, and accused her of selling him out in the media with a magazine cover story of their breakup. Sorry Jake, but you did a fine job of that yourself with appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Drop Dead Diva and your own magazine cover story. Basically, he’s a fame whore, Vienna claimed through tears.

Was it an act? I don’t think Vienna could have pulled off lying that successfully. And Jake, well, he came across like some smug, bitchy TV diva (and that’s the kind TV DivaGal can’t stand!) who knew he had done wrong but wasn’t about to take any blame for his actions. Calling Vienna out for throwing a tantrum when he was withholding affection and time from her? She’s 24, Jake. How else did you expect her to react? I got to agree with Vienna: No woman should waste her time with this former Bachelor, who’s seems more interested in getting his acting career off the ground than his love life.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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