The Biggest Loser Recap: A Whole Lotta Crazy (In Love!)

By   |   September 30, 2009   |   Entertainment
Just a little off her rocker? <br> credit: NBC

Just a little off her rocker? credit: NBC

Every year, there’s got to be that one person you can’t stand on The Biggest Loser.

TV DivaGal always gives them the benefit of the doubt. Editing can be a bitch, and I’ve actually gotten to know some of those “vilified” former contestants.

But Tracey is a whole ‘nother level of crazy!

I mean, who gives up trainers Bob and Jillian in the third week for two measly pounds? Tracey did! (Without consulting with her partner Mo first, might I add.)

And then who eats a boatload of cupcakes to win the right to control which one of the rest of the teams’ players represents them on the scale? Tracey again.

Jillian and Bob accused Tracey of playing “The Game.” IΓÇÖm thinking she lost a few brain cells when she passed out after her mile jog in week one. Whoever pulled those shots of sheer lunacy on Tracey’s face that we saw throughout the episode deserves a raise!

Tracey then went on to make every other player hate her by promising one thing before weigh-in, and doing the complete opposite once there. I blame this one on the other players though. Why would you let a crazy woman know who is your weakest player? She crazy!

Jillian screamed at Tracey and her partner at the weigh-in, and everyone was not-so-secretly hoping Tracey’s plan would land her on her ass — in the bottom two.

It didn’t. She lost 11 lbs. Without the trainers. Day-um!

So it was a toss-up between the Red and Yellow teams. You know America would have hated Tracey even more if Shay had gone home. Girl came in weighing nearly 500 lbs. She needs to be there.

Luckily, the other players had compassion and sent the Red team home, which was such a bummer, until we learned…

Who was the object of booted Black team player Alexandra‘s affection! Remember she hinted that she had a crush on someone on the ranch and she’d let us know who?

Turns out it’s Red team’s Antoine. Cutest. Couple. Ever! Forget about finding The One on The Bachelor. If you want to make a love connection, go on The Biggest Loser!

Catch The Biggest Loser: Second Chances, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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  1. Carrie
    Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
    How about Sean and his wife naming their new baby Jillian?! Soooo sweet! Loved the end of this episode. And yes, that Tracey is craaaa-zy!!!
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