The Biggest Loser's Red and Green: Kiss and make-up?

By   |   February 16, 2010   |   Entertainment

melissalanceblnbc1 The Biggest Loser‘s Melissa Morgan may go down as one of the biggest game players in BL history for her back-to-back low scores on the scale early on in the game. But Melissa swears that’s not the case.

“Week two and week three was absolutely not game play,” declares Melissa, who was eliminated last week after gaining one pound.

“I’m just praying the plus one validates what I’ve said through the entire season, which I’m not playing the game, I’m really struggling with my weight here.”

Confessions aside, there are two people Melissa may have trouble convincing: the green team’s Miggy and Migdalia. Melissa and her husband Lance gave them a two lbs. penalty after winning a challenge, which really caused a rift.

“Miggy and Migdalia worked harder than anybody else on the ranch. They were the first up┬áin the morning, and they were up late at night. They never stopped moving.,” says Melissa.

“I’ve watched the show forever, I see the numbers and I see if you’re at the bottom of the board, you’re usually at the top the next time. That’s why we went with Miggy and Migdalia. We thought they would be very consistent and be able to overcome.”

The strategy became a very personal battle for the green team, according to Melissa.

“We tried to explain that three times. They didn’t want to hear it. It was taken so personally,” Melissa says.

“Miggy and I both have very strong personalitiesΓǪ. For what it’s worth, Lance and I did what we had to do, and we thought it was the right decision at the time.”

Well, it will all play out on the finale scale!

Watch The Biggest Loser: Couples, after the Olympics, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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