Three Reasons Why You Should Watch Losing It Tonight

By   |   June 1, 2010   |   Entertainment

jmichaelslosernbcJust because The Biggest Loser is over doesn’t mean you can’t get your weekly does of Jillian.

Now you can take Jillian Michaels home with you (virtually!) as she travels across America to help overweight families in need on her new show, Losing It with Jillian.

Here’s three reasons why you should tune in tonight!

1. You’ll see the softer side of Jillian. “On The Biggest Loser, there’s no time for friendship because you got to get the message across. While that is happening on Losing It, beyond that, it really is about becoming their friend because you’re living in their home and they have to sort of trust you and give over to you,” Jillian says about her softer mindset for her series. “They are like, ‘You’re in my home and in my marriage. You’re evaluating the relationship with my children.’ It’s kind of a violation, and you have to let them know that they’re going to be safe and you’re going to protect them and it’s going to be okay and you’re there to help.”

2. Not everyone is on board to “lose it.” They may bitch and moan on The Biggest Loser, but the contestants sign up for Jillian’s punishing workouts. Not so much when Jillian’s taking on an entire family.┬á “Our doctor sits down with one guy and she’s like ‘Dude, you’re a walking time bomb. You are the most unhealthy of anyone I’ve seen. You are full blown diabetic.’ She goes through the list with him and he looks at her in the eyes and says, ‘Tell me something I don’t know.’ He doesn’t care.” Jillian’s response? A full-blown intervention. “I had his mother and his wife there, and they basically sat down with him and said ‘We love you, but you’re going to die, you’re going to basically orphan your children. We then we showed him footage of his kids worried bout their dad dying in the middle of the night and their anxiety issues, and that broke him.”

3. She’s helping kids get in shape. Children obesity has become an epidemic, and it’s one that Jillian plans to eradicate. How? “We made cooking fun,” Jillian exclaims. “We play little games of pick a color, and then go and buy two fruits and two vegetables in their favorite color. So if it was purple or orange, they had to find two orange fruits or vegetables. I also incorporated the cooking with them so that they felt involved and invested in foods with healthy ingredients and the differences it makes in their bodies.” As for being honest about the foods kids put int heir body that could be harmful, “Level with them. Tell them the truth,” Jillian suggests. “They’re super smart. They can wrap their heads around it.”

And so can we!

Losing It with Jillian premieres Tuesday, June 1 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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