TONE UP! Hit It Hard At Tone House!

By   |   December 2, 2014   |   Fitness

The DivaGals continue to seek out the best workouts to keep your weight in check this holiday season!

Who have some of the best bodies in the world? Professional athletes, of course! So it only makes sense that the DivaGals would hit up Tone House, the NYC-based extreme workout which promises to “unleash your inner athlete.”

On a chilly Saturday morning TV DivaGal braved the cold — and my fears — for Tone House’s total body class. The day’s staff included Tone House founders Alonzo Wilson and Elvira Yambot (pictured above), a tiny powerhouse who has muscles I didn’t even knew existed.

Alonzo led the class, and advised that the warm-up alone can make you humble with its numerous jumps and sprints. I did indeed feel like my workouts in the past may have been lacking after puffing through it.

It was onto 60 minutes of punishable conditioning starting with squats, jumps and push ups. Then there were sprints ΓÇô backwards and forwards ΓÇô and bear crawls. It didn’t end there as we pushed a weighted sled across the gym floor. Why did Alonso keep adding more weighted bags to my sled? Because he knew I had it in me, even if I wasn’t quite sure myself.

We were strapped into several resistance apparatuses as we jumped towards a barrier and used resistance pulleys to work out our triceps, quads, hamstrings and abs. Exhausting! But every step of the way, the class cheered on each of their fellow students. It was all about being in this together.

I definitely felt my sore muscles afterward for about three days. But I also felt more energetic and alive than I had from any workout!

Here are three tips Elvira is sharing exclusively with our DivaGals readers to “unleash your own inner athlete” this holiday season.

1. Get your mind right; it starts on the inside! Making healthy lifestyle changes begins in the brain; developing a positive mental attitude and small, progressive, attainable goals is the first step. Nothing is impossible and where the mind goes, the body will follow!

2. Concentrate on your weaknesses; soon they will be strengths. We all have weaknesses, from knowing how to do a push up to eating too much chocolate and drinking too many vodka tonics. Instead of ignoring your fears, tackle them head on. Incorporate the exercises you struggle with into your workouts at least three times a week. Substitute that sugary Snickers bar with a reasonable serving of dark chocolate and switch to soda water as the mixer in your cocktail. It may not be easy at first, but it will always be worth it.

3. Have fun with your workouts! At Tone House, it’s no secret that we push our clients’ limits both physically and mentally in each class. In addition, our other goal is to ensure that our teams stay engaged, are actively supporting and encouraging each other and really enjoy their hour on the turf. Workouts don’t have to be boring, mundane or lazy. If fact, Tone House has the ability to conjure up mixed emotions within oneself, from nervous anxiety and moments of discomfort, pain and disbelief throughout the session, to a sense of accomplishment and self-realization that the body and mind are capable of more than one ever expected. We always hope our clients leave our studio wanting to pay that feeling forward and understand they can handle whatever challenges life throws at them!

Ready to unleash your inner athlete? Learn more about their services at

photo credit: Tone House

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