TV DIVAGAL EXCLUSIVE: Agnes Nixon says "No New Soaps"

By   |   October 7, 2010   |   Entertainment, Gals On The Town

delainaagnesdonnettaAs you may know, TV DivaGal started her TV career writing about soaps, and one of our biggest idols over the years has been soap scribe queen Agnes Nixon.

Not only did she help the late, great Irna Phillips create our dearly departed As the World Turns, Agnes created All My Children, Loving and One Life To Live, and brought such major issues as abortion, cancer and drug addiction, as well as multi-racial families, to the screen for the first time.

With soaps dropping fast off the landscape, the time seems ripe for Agnes to work her magic and create a whole new daytime drama. But those days are long gone.

“It’s too hard, so no I wouldn’t,” she confessed to me yesterday before being inducted as one of the Giants of Broadcasting. Hosted by the Library of American Broadcasting, Agnes received a lifetime achievement award for her work in the field, along with the likes of newscaster Sam Donaldson, TV personality Dick Clark and the late Rue McClanahan.

But don’t cry over the demise of the soap yet. Agnes still feels they have some life in them.

“I don’t think the genre is dying. It’s changing some,” she explained. “We just need to make writers understand how hard it is to write and to work hard.”

That means really taking a look at a soap’s past, and tapping into its history.

“We brought Jessie and Angie back to All My Children because I insisted on it,” Agnes declared. “The audience missed them so, and they’re such great actors, I love them. And we’ve had Erica for 40 years. I’m not an authority on this, I just write my own way.”

And we love you for it.

photo credit:  Donnetta Campbell/HUMMedia

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