TV DIVAGAL EXCLUSIVE: Matt Grant on Brad's Return to The Bachelor!

By   |   October 14, 2010   |   Entertainment, Gals On The Town

112010_D_227With The Bachelor season 11 alum Brad Womack returning to the series this January, TV DivaGal decided it was the perfect time to check in with another of her fave Bachelors from the past Matt Grant.

The British season 12 alum (yep, he came right after Brad!) was the first Bachelor from overseas, whose engagement to actress Shayne Lamas didn’t last very long. But just like Brad, Matt has learned from his mistakes; he’s even writing a dating book about it! Here’s Matt’s take on Brad coming back for a second round, and whether he’d be willing to hand out another 25 roses all over again.

What did you think when you heard they were bringing back Brad Womack for a second chance?

I like Brad, he’s a cool guy, so I think it’s a good idea.

Do you think his mindset has changed to go through this process again?

I don’t think he’d say it if he didn’t mean it. I think he’s shown all along that he’s up front and honest. I think when you look back at the end of the day, he had the balls to say, “Neither of these women is right for me.” And if the guy is saying he is ready now, I would tend to believe him.

Did you feel pressured to get engaged on the show since your season was right after Brad’s?

Yes there definitely was some pressure, without any doubt.

As a former contestant yourself, what advice do you give someone going back for a second round?

I think that since he’s done this before, he’s going to know exactly how to operate and how to sift out the good from the bad. I think if I could go back now, it would be completely different. You know so much from past experience, they way the production can sometimes play you. Once you’ve learned, and I’m sure he has, you can handle yourself completely differently. I think he’ll be really good.

So he’ll find a wife this time?

Whether he finds the future Mrs. Womack has to do with the casting. If the casting is on board, and they really try to find five or 10 women that are good for him, or if they have a laissez-faire approach to it — which they did on my series — and they’re pulling in women that are not really appropriate for him, then obviously, he’s got no chance. If they go out and seek women who match his character and criteria then he’s got every chance.

Would you go back for a second round if asked?

I’d have to think really hard about it. It’s really exciting for Brad, so if the opportunity was open to me then I would have to seriously consider it. I think you go in there with what you learned last time and give it a good shot. I think he’ll do well.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a dating book. I’ve been working on it the past three months and it should be coming out early next year. That’s very exciting. It’s for guys and girls specifically for dating on social network sites.

Are you eligible to be dated right now?

I’m not with anyone. I’ve met some nice girls and I’ve had plenty of dates — some good ones and bad ones — and had plenty of laughs, but still not met the one yet.

photo credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

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