TV Divagal Recap: Mad Men

By   |   August 17, 2009   |   Entertainment
Back in Business <br> credit: Courtesy AMC

Back in Business credit: Courtesy AMC

TV Divagal has a confession to make.

She’s only seen one episode of Mad Men. My bad.

Last night, I was determined to rectify that.

So I tuned into the critically acclaimed, Emmy award-winning series.

Thoughts, below…

It may have been the ’60s, but it felt like 2009 when Bert Peterson got his walking papers from Sterling Cooper advertising agency. Now I know why they escort people out the building once they get pink-slipped.

Obviously, the guy who sounds just like Steve Buscemi was peeved that he let his colleague Kenny ride his coattails all the way to co-chair position as heads of accounts. The promotion should have been his moment to shine, but you just know that Pete’s going to let the competition destroy him.

Don Draper’s wife is totally preggers, and he’s still cheating on her. What does it take to get this guy to keep it in his pants when he’s not home? After a ride in the friendly skies, Don really got a ride on the friendly skies with a randy flight attendant. A fire alarm killed the mood, or maybe just sped up her inevitable walk of shame.

Sterling Cooper’s art director Salvatore Romano got some major loving from a bell-boy. That’s what I call room service! Unfortunately for him, his happily straight and married cover was blown when Don caught him in the room with the half-dressed hunk. Wonder how Don will office-politic that little nugget of information?

Somehow, Don was able to return home, scold his daughter for breaking his suitcase lock, (cut her some slack; she only did it cause she hated having her daddy flying off so much to be a manwhore!), cuddle up with his about-to-burst wife and stay cool under pressure when his daughter found the flight attendant’s uniform pin. He actually claimed it was a present for his baby girl. Shameless!

TV Divagal  with Mad Men's Jon Hamm. <br />Jealous much?

TV Divagal with Mad Men's Jon Hamm. Jealous much?

My verdict? This episode went down smooth like perfectly aged scotch, so I could see myself coming back for another sip.

More importantly? I felt compelled to visit London Fog online, so Sterling Cooper is doing its job, even 40 years later. Now that’s good advertising.

Mad Men airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC.

FYI: have absolutely no idea what Don’s dream sequence meant at the opening of the show. If you’ve got a clue, please let me know below!

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  1. Jeff Griffith
    Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
    Being that I am a MAD MEN fanatic and a real life Ad Man myself, I'll offer you some insight into the show.

    Don has a lot of secrets. We knew from the first two seasons that his mother was a prostitute and she died at childbirth. Father died when he was young (Jon Hamm also lost his parents early on) and Don was raised by his aunt and uncle who were not loving.

    Salvatore Romano's homosexual hook-up with the bell boy was an interrupted climax to a storyline that's been building up (pun intended) for two previous seasons. He IS married but his wife senses that he doesn't love her.

    Pete Campbell's deal with Ken Cosgrove has always been one of competition. They're both in the Account Services dept. And now they're BOTH Head of Accounts. Bert Peterson was a new character for all viewers and he came out of nowhere and got fired right away.

    I highly recommend that everyone watch this show.
    Unlike other dramatic shows, this one doesn't tie up in a pretty bow at the end of every episode. It gives you tidbits, hints, clues, and subtle foreshadowing about the characters' pasts....that eventually reveals itself at some point down the road.

    There's a reason it's nominated for 16 Emmys. And it's more than just cool clothing.
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