TV Divagal Review: Miami Social

By   |   July 14, 2009   |   Entertainment
Miami Social (Clockwise, from top left) Katrina, Ariel, Maria, Hardy, Michael, Sorah, George<br>credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Miami Social (Clockwise, from top left) Katrina, Ariel, Maria, Hardy, Michael, Sorah, George
credit: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

The TV Divagal loves a good docusoap! Especially one featuring a beautiful cast living beach side in killa apartments with amazing wardrobes and VIP passes beyond any velvet rope.

That’s the premise behind Bravo’s new series, Miami Social, which follows seven friends who live the glamorous life in Miami’s South Beach.

It feels kinda like a grown-up version of The Hills. The cast comes across vain and at times, the dialogue feels forced.

But if you put your brain on pause for an hour, it can be harmless fun.

George, a 30-something executive, seems to have a thing for European beauties.

His ex-wife Sorah, who’s also on the show, is his best friend and confidante. He cheated on her while they were married, so she dumped his butt.

Now George is committed to being faithful to his new girlfriend, Lena, a beautiful but deadly “Russian hottie” who pick fights with him for the make-up sex, and lies to him about where she’s traveling for work.

She’s “crazy certifiable girlfriend,” and no man will ever be able to tame her, but don’t tell George that. He thinks she may be the one. Good luck with that, man.

Picture perfect couple Katrina and Ben are high-school sweethearts who also work together. They make a shocking announcement in the first episode.

Hardy, who hosts the hottest parties at the Gansevoort Hotel and has women swarming him every night, still goes home to his faithful girlfriend.

She’s ready for him to put a ring on it, but he’s not sure he’s ready to make their relationship official. It’s been six years, Hardy. How much more time do you need?

Michael, who is gay, is the eternal single guy searching for romance.

Unfortunately for him, he strikes out often. His best date is his friend Maria, a single mom who doesn’t discriminate when it comes to dating either gender.

Of course, there’s got to be the friend you hate, and that’s Ariel who is so into himself he judges others by their looks and gets peeved when his friends can’t hook him up with freebies.

On the surface, this cast of friends is hard to grasp. It’s hard to feel any empathy for the clique, who are held together by their hefty sense of entitlement.

But if this series can delve deeper into each of their searches to find the one true finer thing in life, your soulmate, something we can all relate to, it may be worth showing up for date number two.

Miami Social premieres Tuesday, July 14 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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