TV DIVAGAL SNAP JUDGMENT: Dancing With the Stars

By   |   March 22, 2010   |   Entertainment

pavelkapg-vertical TV DivaGal admits she hasn’t been a steady viewer of the first nine seasons of Dancing With the Stars.

But even I couldn’t resist the tenth season cast: Shannen Doherty! Kate Gosselin! Jake Pavelka! Pamela Anderson!

So after a strong, stiff one, I sat down on the couch to tune into tonight’s season premiere. And of course, I have plenty to say about it. Here’s my snap judgment on the night’s lineup!

Shannen and Mark: “Oh Shannen, you don’t get a take two if you forget your steps on this show. Make sure you’ve got that choreography nailed down tight!”

Erin and Maks: “The ESPN host definitely has team spirit, which is good, since her footwork was just so-so. Not sure how long she’ll be around this season.”

Jake and Chelsie: “Jake must have thought he’s still flying the skies with those broad sweeping movements he made. Keep it in control, Bachelor boy!”

nashpg-vertical Nicey and Louis: “Sassy and saucy, just the way I like my Nicey! Definitely one to watch.”

Evan and Anna: “There were some moves in there that could pass for real ballroom steps. Keep training Evan, and you might just take gold on this.”

Buzz and Ashly: “He wasn’t weightless on his feet, but seriously, the man is 80 and could still move his hips. That’s good enough for me!”

Nicole and Derek: “Did we really not expect this pussycat to glide effortlessly across the floor? Technique aside (as if we know any better!), it was stunning to watch.”

Aiden and Edyta; “He may be the one hottest daytime stars around, but when it comes to dancing, well, Pine Valley shouldn’t be starting any ballroom dancing competitions anytime soon.

Kate and Tony: “This is why reality stars shouldn’t be considered celebrities. She’s taking it way too seriously. I thought she was going to cry while getting critiqued. It’s only gonna get tougher, girl!”

andersonpg-vertical Pamela and Damian: “Pamela who? All I can see is that major Aussie hottie shaking his hips on the dance floor. He gets a ten from me!”

The good news is no one is going home tonight.The bad news? You’ll have to wait until next week to get more.

Tune in to Dancing With the Stars next Monday, March 29 at 8 p.m. at ABC.

photo credit: ABC

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