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TV DIVAGAL: The Double Divas Season Finale — Ready For Expansion!

By   |   September 24, 2013   |   Entertainment

Double Divas season finale airs tonight, and the ladies are itching for a third season of their hit Lifetime show. They’ve got a plan to take message of taking care of “the girls” ΓÇô no matter what the size ΓÇô across the nation, literally!

TV DivaGal made a special trip to Livi Rae Lingerie, the lingerie shop owned by Lifetime reality stars Cynthia Decker and Molly Hopkins, to talk straight from the hip, err, boob. And yes, it’s true, the Double Divas are just as hilarious and heartwarming as they come across on TV!

In their back office, the ladies, who were casually comfortable for a hectic day at the shop,  took time out of their busy schedules to talk candidly about just about everything – including their hysterical take on weaves!

How has this reality show experience strengthened your friendship?

Cynthia: It has strengthened it a lot. But it’s hard because we’ve spent almost every day together. Molly’s an only child and I’m one of five, so we fight, but we love each other.

Molly: When we’re not together, I feel like I’m missing a half of myself. You feel that way when you get married, to a degree, but men are so opposite of women. I can tell Cynthia so much more, so I feel like I miss her if I want to tell her, “This is hilarious.” She and I can be standing in the middle of Target looking at some t-shirts cracking up and people are looking at us like we’ve lost our mind. But it’s because we’re the only two that get it.

Are you getting recognized when you go to Target and other places?

Cynthia: Molly more than me, just because her boobs ΓÇô you can’t hide those.

Molly: I went to this festival a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t wear makeup, and I wasn’t talking so people would know it was me. A guy came up to me and he’s like, “I love your show.” I told my brother-in-law, “I thought I was incognito,” and he said, “You brought your two co-stars!” [puffs out to chest].

Are you Divas off screen as well?

Cynthia: We’re not Divas. We’re not glamorous. About two months ago, we decided to get some weave. We were going to have some long, luxurious locks and looks so Diva-fied, and we got them taped in, cause it was supposed to be easy to take out. It looked beautiful for the first month. But then I went to get them removed. It took two hours. They don’t just come out. The solution they used just helps it separate. I pulled the last pieces of glue and a hairball out today. That’s what happens to us when we tried to get Diva-fied. It never goes real good. So we decided to just be us.

Molly, do you ambush people when you’re not on camera?

Molly: You know what’s so funny? If I don’t, and someone recognizes me, and it’s blatantly obvious, they’re puffing out their chest, trying to squeeze in and see if I’m going to call them out. And I’m all, I was trying to be off work today. They expect us to now.

You’ve made an impact! Did you know that your show would do that?

Molly: People come up and hug us, and say, “thank you, you’ve made such a difference; you have no idea what an impact it’s made on my life.” After the first couple of shows aired, we went out in the front of the store and we just cried. I looked out there and thought what an amazing experience to have a room full of women, some with their men, from all over the world, all different races and all different shapes and sizes; this is so awesome, and I’m so glad this is happening.

Cynthia: We’ve reached everyone. We got a post on our Facebook from Italy. We didn’t even know we were there. I can’t read any of it, but from what I get, the guy likes us.

It’s so touching that you’ve helped a lot of people in need on the show, from women in shelters to a woman whose implant had gone awry.

Cynthia: I’m about to partner up with the Dream Center, which deals with underage sex trafficking. When they get the girls, they take them to get their nails done and they give them an outfit to wear. I thought, what about the bras? I bet these girls have no bras, it’s probably the last thing they’re concerned about. I want to show part of that. That’s why I think people are drawn to our show. A lot of reality shows are just fighting and anger, and nothing really good is coming out of it. We wanted our show to be good, light-hearted, happy and warm. When you finish watching it, you feel good.

Which celebrity boobies would you like to get your hands on?

Cynthia: Well, we got Abby Lee‘s. She’s wearing that bra, she looks good, girl.

Molly: Jessica Simpson, because she goes up and down in weight. I want to fit Tyra Banks so bad.

Cynthia: Wendy Williams, DOG, The Bounty Hunter‘s wife. Kay Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

Molly: There are just so many people, and we’ve had some celebrities call. We’ve had some past people from Glee reach out. They say 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. We say it’s higher than that because the ones that think they are in the right bra, they just haven’t figured it out yet.

Have you been picked up for season 3?

Molly: We don’t know. But we really hope so just for the fact that we feel that we haven’t reached everybody that needs to know the message. But even if we don’t, we’re going to go across the country. Everybody is like, gosh, help, please come here.

Cynthia: We’re about prevention not just cure. We’re trying to get in the middle schools and teach them how to wear the right bra. Our biggest followers are under the age of 16. They’re screaming out. They want to help their moms and themselves. They’ve got boobs they don’t know what to do. And that age, they’re developing so fast, and the breasts are so new and tender, they’re wearing the wrong bra and sleeping in them, and doubling them up to when they work out because they don’t know what to do. They are getting teased when they are close to Molly’s size and they are only 14 years old. We’re really about helping make people aware of what a bra really can do. There’s a reason to wear it and how to wear it.

Time for a franchise!

Cynthia: If we franchise anything, it will be Boobs on the Move!

Catch the season finale of Double Divas Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.


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  1. Lisa Young
    Tuesday, September 24th, 2013
    I think your shop is the best thing to happen to women in a long time. I sincerely enjoy the show, knowing how many women you help. Any woman. I will get to your shop one day, until then keep up the terrific work and may God bless you both <3
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