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TV RECAP: The Bachelorette & Make TV DivaGal The Series Next Star!

By   |   June 26, 2012   |   Entertainment

TV DivaGal hasn’t said much about The Bachelorette this season, and for good reason. As much as I admire how sensational Emily Maynard‘s wardrobe has been, as for her run, it’s a bit of a yawn.

Things promised to get a little exciting tonight as we learned that race car driver Arie had a brief fling with one of the series producers way back when — a little piece of information he conveniently forgot to mention to Emily all those times he’s been mentally undressing her with his eyes. Would Emily finally explode?

And the answer is: nah. As host Chris Harrison explained, Emily, Arie and the producer (who is now engaged to someone else) did talk about it, but it wasn’t shot on camera. Huh? This show shoots EVERYTHING, like Emily just happening to be alone in an alley where Sean could conveniently find her after her one–on-one with John (ummm, that wasn’t staged at all!). How did it miss out on this interesting trio of info? Anyway, Emily forgave Arie and he was back to mentally taking off her fabulous Prague ensembles.

Yes, I would prolly fast forward through most of the episode if it wasn’t for Jef. I don’t know what it is about this man-child, but I can’t help being drawn to him. Maybe it’s how freely he talks about wanting to get married and have babies like, yesterday. Emily, please DO NOT pick Jef after the hometown dates (you know his family so won’t like you after he told you how he breaks up with girls they don’t approve of), so you can send him my way and he and I can get married and have babies like, yesterday.

Speaking of which — I ran into a few Bachelorette alums last week at the Trident “See What Happens Live” concert here in New York City — Graham, J.P. and Tyler — and we all agreed I am one hot tamale. So I think it’s time I become the first African-American female to be The Bachelorette! Do you agree? If you do, leave a little message for ABC_Publicity on Twitter (don’t forget to @TVDivagal) and let’s get me married off … to Jef!

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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