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TV SHOW TO WATCH This Fall: A Gifted Man & All My Children Series Finale

By   |   September 23, 2011   |   Entertainment

What TV Show to Watch this Friday night? How about A Gifted Man?

There’s always got to be that one show that makes your brain go, hmmmm. And so it goes with A Gifted Man. Adorable Patrick Wilson stars as Michael Holt, a brilliant but cold surgeon who only broke out of his icy exterior when he was married to his ex-wife, fellow doc Anna Paul. After another day at the office: fixing corneas and saving the lives of tennis champs with brain aneurysms, Michael gets an unexpected visit from Anna after years without contact. After a night of catching up, Michael’s so excited to have Anna back in his life, he calls her job the next day, only to learn Anna died two weeks before. Yep, he’s seeing ΓǪ┬á a ghost? His spiritual guide? Whatever the case, Anna has left her life unfinished, and she needs Michael to fix it for her. Of course, Anna worked in a clinic helping the less fortunate, something Michael knows nothing about, but is about to learnΓǪ I totally get the heartless guy who finds compassion, but the truth is, Michael doesn’t really seem that heartless to begin with. Sure he’s takes a tough stance when a tech fails him in the operating room, and is a tad annoyed with his assistant (played by brilliant Emmy winner Margo Martindale) says it’s her birthday. But Michael falls way too easily into the role of savior when he meets children in trouble in the clinic, and winds up taking on their case himself. Maybe that’s the true twist of this new series. A man not entirely broken by his profession, but just in need of a little adjustment to truly be gifted. A Gifted Man premieres at 8 p.m. on CBS.

And so it ends… Today is the last day of All My Children. Find out how 41 years of life in Pine Valley comes to a close, and how Erica Kane will carry on, wherever she winds up! All My Children airs its series finale at 1 p.m. on ABC.

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