Tyrese Gibson Dishes On His Final Solo Album and Furious 7!

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Tyrese Gibson has come a long way from humming the “Always Coca Cola” tune while standing at the bus stop. His humble beginnings and down to earth demeanor make the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter one of our favorite pieces of talented eye candy.

Tyrese is quite the total package, from starring in one of the biggest blockbusters of the year to working on his last solo album. He talks with us about Furious 7, struggling with the death of Paul Walker, staying motivated and making his final solo album Black Rose.

What made this interview unique is the fact that Tyrese requested bloggers and press via social media to exclusively get an in-depth look at Mr. Black Ty himself. Of course, DivaGalsDaily was at the top of the list!

ΓÇ£Fans have never had more access to their favorite stars than what they do now. They used to have fans writing letters and sending letters into labels,” Tyrese shares. ” Fans are way more aggressive for content right now.ΓÇ¥



The Black Rose project will include two disks: one side will be soulful R& B while the other side will feature the rugged rap lyrics of Black Ty.┬á TyreseΓÇÖs first single off the album is “#Dumb S**t” which features Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa.

“┬áI was in a five year relationship and got caught doing dumb s**t. I write life experiences, and the best songs come from what has happened,” he confesses.

In addition to this, his second single ΓÇ£ShameΓÇ¥ will be released as a 23-minute short film that will feature Jenifer Hudson.

ΓÇ£This will be a side of both myself and Jennifer that you have never seen before. The short will take place in 1968 and I will be playing a character that has the likeness of Ike Turner, Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye. Jennifer will be playing my wife; you won’t want to miss this.ΓÇ¥

There has been much success surrounding the Fast & The Furious franchise, but on November 30, 2013, the franchise lost one of its mega stars Paul Walker. The loss of Walker halted production of Furious 7 and members of the cast including Tyrese were left deviated.

ΓÇ£It was the people that actually knew Paul the way that we did who helped us get through it,” Tyrese reveals. “Paul Walker is and will always be an angel and when the family asked us to finish the film, it gave us more confidence to close it out.ΓÇ¥

Tyrese promises the new film will not disappoint. “You can expect muscles, adrenaline and baby oil flying around, but the most important aspect of it all is family. It will be a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker.”

Roman Pierce, Tyrese’s onscreen alter-ego, “is every bit of me and heΓÇÖs so Tyrese that itΓÇÖs unbelievable. Roman is the underdog that everyone is rooting for he is the voice of reality, fun and the typical jokester.”

And then Black Ty dropped a bomb on us. Black Rose is slated to be his last solo album.

“You will fall in love with Black Rose and be able to listen to it from top to bottom; it is truly my best album yet,” Tyrese promises.

“I got 19 singers, writers and producers together in Paradise Valley, Ariz. We stayed in one house for thirty-four days just to record this project. Over the course of those days we recorded 146 songs. We prayed together, ate together and created a foundation that was blessed and beautiful.”


Tyrese_BlackRoseThe album has 20 songs and features Tank, Chrisette Michelle, Jennifer Hudson, The Game, Snoop and a few other special guests.

All that star power is the ideal way for Tyrese to end his solo career. “The worst thing that you can do is not realize when you have reached you peak. How may people think that they can win one more fight? Watch and pay attention to music; IΓÇÖm not Drake, Beyonce or Jay Z. IΓÇÖm very proud of my numbers because they are mine. But I’m not relying on checks and money thatΓÇÖs made from music. I can close deals faster than I can record one song. If you look at whatΓÇÖs happening within the industry, anyone who has another source of income would do the same.”

Tyrese treated us to some inspiring last words.

“Pressure could bust pipes or create diamonds. We want you to know that in Furious 7 that we brought the best diamonds.”

Be on the look out for Black Rose on 7.7.15. Furious 7 is in theaters April 3.

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