WATCH THIS! April Parker Jones Is Right To Be Wrong!

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resident TV contributor Angela Yvonne talks with OWN  star April Parker Jones.

If loving April Parker Jones is wrong I donΓÇÖt want to be right! Starring in the Tyler Perry hit If Loving You is Wrong as single mother Natalie, her character is trying to be a positive role model for her children while making ends meet.

A native North Carolinian, April knew at a very young age that being an artist was freedom, so she headed to New York City and was on her way.

Playing the role of Natalie is a dream comes true for April Parker Jones, which has parlayed into starring roles on other hit shows, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. With a star so bright, we are all going to need shades for all the success coming her way.

When did you know that you wanted to be an actress?

I started acting when I was five, I then I came back to it while attending North Carolina Central University, where I majored in English. But the stage kept calling me, so I changed my major to theater and media communications. I had to do a one woman show for my final and after being encouraged by my professor. I knew not to waste or spend any more time not doing what I loved, left college and went to the Big Apple to pursue acting professionally.

Plenty of Time was the off Broadway play that changed my life. I was the lead character, Christina and that is where I met my husband Jay, now for eight years. After the play was over we headed to L.A. to pursue television and film.

You star as Natalie, How did that come about?

This is my first role on a series. Life as an actor is a hustle. My agent had me go to the audition and I related and auditioned for the role Natalie. Funny story, Tyler told me I was not who he envisioned as Natalie , he had already knew what she looked like when he wrote it and she didnΓÇÖt look like me. He followed it up with but, your audition blew me away. Then I got the call and was told I didnΓÇÖt get it. There was another part and they asked me to come read and I read again for Natalie. Tyler Perry said you are her and that is how I became Natalie.

How is it working for Tyler Perry and be a part of his brilliance?

It is a blessing because he roots for the underdog and after all he has been blessed with he still does that. I am so grateful to be part of something and still be a true representation of myself and of service. It is important to me to be a voice for my people, me and my natural self.

I saw you on How To Get Away with Murder. What is it like to work on another successful series and with Ms. Viola Davis?

So you saw me in my perfectly coiffed natural? Lol. It was amazing and all the awards she has received are well deserved and worthy. It was like being in a Master acting class that was so unbelievable. But I am still waiting to meet Shonda Rhimes! I was also on Scandal so If you are reading this Shonda, we need to meet, LOL!

Is Broadway on the horizon for you and can you sing?

I would love to do Broadway and I used to sing in church. I can sell a song — I am not Jennifer Hudson — but I can carry a tune. I did a play by Patricia Cuffie Jones and produced by Kenny Lattimore called Love So Deep. ItΓÇÖs a small part but theater will always be my first love.

Is there a part you are longing to play?

A comedy and an action, superhero would be on the list. I think I am pretty funny and my family thinks so. I would love to be a modern day Pam Greer.

Who is your dream actor to work with?

Alfre Woodard, Denzel Washington and directly with Oprah.

What is some advice you would give to an up and coming actor?

Be kind; treat people how you want to be treated. Study your craft and learn the origin of theater.

What is your motto?

Stay ready so you donΓÇÖt have to get ready.

Tyler Perry‘s If Loving You is Wrong airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on OWN Make sure you tweet with us @TheDGDs or @AngelaYvonne when you watch!








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