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Everyone has a few great girlfriends in their lives. Whether itΓÇÖs a shoulder to cry on, a shopping buddy or someone to share a good laugh, they never disappoint.

Girlfriend Intervention, which premieres this week, is a makeover show that will give you all that and more. The premise? Four black women with expertise in beauty, fashion, décor and self-image, revamp the life of a white gal in need. That’s certainly Diva-licious in our book!

DivaGals contributor Angela Yvonne chatted with the ΓÇ£soulΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£styleΓÇ¥ of the show, Tanisha Thomas (Bad Girls Club, Celebrity Fitness Club) and Tiffiny Dixon (MEO Total Body Beauty), pictured second and last alongside beauty pro Tracy Balan and home/sanctuary guru Nikki Chu, about Intervention and foundation pieces, and what you should say to yourself every morning.

The premise of the show turns “Intervention” into a powerful word! Have either of you had a girlfriend intervene on you?

Tiffiny: No comment and yes! (Laughs)

Tanisha: Of course, especially about dating, and my experimenting with my wigs and weaves. Sometimes you think you are doing it, and they have let me know I wasnΓÇÖt. (Laughs) There are levels to it all. I love the honesty of them.

What is a main staple every woman should have in her wardrobe?

Tiffiny: Undergarments or foundation pieces, and a fabulous pair of heels. Those two pieces puts you ahead of the game. I believe they make an outfit look better, and you feel better once they are in place.

As the ΓÇ£soulΓÇ¥ of the show Tanisha, you exude confidence and self-love. What is your daily mantra?

Tanisha: Every morning I tell myself that I am a winner — my existence has a purpose and I am going to kill it today. And when life serves you lemons, you throw it back and demand chocolate!

Intervention never felt so good!

Girlfriend Intervention premieres Wednesday, Aug. 27 on Lifetime. Come tweet with me @AngelaYvonne at 10 p.m.!

photo credit: Lifetime

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