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Hey DivaGals! So┬áthere’s one item you so need in your fashion wardrobe STAT! A watch is a style essential that every girl should have. Now watches may be┬ánowhere near as popular as they once were, thanks to the invention of smartphones. But they make a fantastic accent piece for almost any outfit.

A watch is the ultimate accessory, and yet, far too many of us girls have no idea how to go about buying one. What itΓÇÖs important to remember is that as with our clothes, makeup and other accessories, we all have our own unique style. However, one thing that every watch needs to have in common is an elegant, timeless look. After all, if youΓÇÖre going to invest in a watch, you want it to last you for years.

Think about what you want from a watch. Will you wear it every day or are you looking for something as an occasion piece? Do you want a metal watch strap or a leather design? What shape face would you prefer? Is there a certain metal — gold, silver or platinum — that youΓÇÖre after? Who knew there was so much to think about when selecting a watch?

When choosing a new watch, hereΓÇÖs what you need to think about:

Digital Or Analog
First things first, you need to focus on the type of watch you want. Are you an analog girl or someone who prefers digital? There are lots of beautiful analog watches for women — just for the record, they actually have hands to tell time!

If the truth be told, digital watches tend to be designed more for sports than everyday wear. So for a stylish watch, your best bet is to select an analog design. There are plenty to choose from, so whatever your style thereΓÇÖs sure to one thatΓÇÖs perfect.

The Perfect Face Shape
The next step is to select the perfect face shape of your watch. The shape of the watch face is what gives it its own unique style, so itΓÇÖs crucial you pick the perfect shape. To get an idea of the shapes on offer, check out www.timepiece.boutique and have a browse. There are so many different watch faces and styles to choose from; youΓÇÖll be spoilt for choice.

Watches with round faces are incredibly feminine, have a beautiful vintage feel to them and are perfect for wearing every day. A square watch face screams fun and sexy. If you like the idea of a watch face thatΓÇÖs sassy and chic but not classic, a square face is perfect for you. Last but not least, there is also a range of watch shapes that are unique – triangles, ovals, etc. These types of faces are perfect if you like to be different and have your own sense of style.

Picking The Right Strap
Now itΓÇÖs time to think about the type of watch strap you would like. The two main choices are metal – gold, silver or platinum or material, like leather. The type of strap you opt for will depend on a range of things, including your personal tastes and how often you plan on wearing the watch. For example, metal watch straps have a fancier look to them, making them better suited as occasion pieces. While leather straps tend to work well for everyday wear, as theyΓÇÖre simple and stylish.

If you are someone who loves timeless styles, a leather watch strap will be your choice. A leather strap is stylish, neutral – so goes with everything, and classic – itΓÇÖs the look Audrey Hepburn always went for. To find out more about vintage-inspired style, check out www.thechicfashionista and have a browse. If you love leather straps but want a unique look, opt for a wrap-style strap that is worn like a bracelet. If youΓÇÖre someone who loves to look a little more fancy, a metal watch strap is the perfect option. Be it yellow gold, rose gold, silver or platinum, a metal watch strap is beautifully elegant.

There you have it, all the essentials of selecting a stylish watch. Happy shopping!

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