Grady Powell Spills A Dating Secret!

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ΓÇ£Brooklyn BoundΓÇ¥ contributor Tsadiqwah Scarville gets heated meeting Ultimate Survival star Grady Powell.

I have two confessions to make! First, I love a good two-for-one deal honey, and secondly, I love a good dose of eye candy! So when I got invited to meet the cast of National GeographicΓÇÖs Ultimate Survival Alaska at the Minus5 Ice Bar in New York City, this was a frozen treat I could not resist!

It may have been cold inside, but series star Grady Powell, was there. I got some major face time with Grady — and things really heated up!

I know youΓÇÖre ex-military, but what has this experience taught you about weathering the storm?

I live my life with the mindset that youΓÇÖre never going to know what youΓÇÖre fully capable of until you do something you canΓÇÖt. This show is always constantly pushing us to our own personal and physical limits. I learned that I have a higher limit than I thought I did last year. So IΓÇÖm grateful for it. Hoping we can do a fourth season coming up here, and that I continue to keep learning about how far I can go.

Are there any new highlights this new season? What can fans look forward to?

ThereΓÇÖs an obligatory safety crew that was there, we have to have somebody, but they stuck by quite a bit more this year and they let us fall on our faces. I tell ya thereΓÇÖs blood, there will be tears from some teams, there will be yelling, a lot of sweat, a lot of bears, a lot of ice, and lot of pain. ItΓÇÖs a whole lot more gritty this year.

This is all about survival, but when you’re home, are you a turkey man, are you chicken man, or are you a ham man? WhatΓÇÖs your favorite?

Yes!! All of the above! If itΓÇÖs made of meat IΓÇÖm in!

People want to know what you carry in your bag. So what exactly do you carry in your bag?

As little as possible to answer any potential problems we might come across. We have something to make a shelter, something to get water, to get food, to make food, to keep us warm and then to navigate through the vast Alaskan outdoors.

You know you’re very handsome…I bet you get that a lot!

Why thank you! No no no — dashing usually! (laughs)

Cheeky question: Do you like black women?

I actually have not been with a black girl, yet!

This is the part where I laugh to keep myself from fainting! I went in for an interview and left out with a new MCM (Man Crush Monday).

Check the new season of Ultimate Survivor Alaska airing Sunday, Jan. 4 at 9 p.m. on National Geographic channel.

photo credit: NGC

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