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Fifty Shades’ Christian Grey The New Mr. Right?

By   |   February 24, 2015   |   Entertainment

Still iffy about seeing Fifty Shades of Grey? Image Gal Samantha von Sperling shares why controversial Christian Grey could be the new romantic hero.

Image Gal went to a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey prior to its cinema release on Valentine’s Day. Coming off of Fashion Week, I was struck by the idea that sex practices come in and out of vogue, just like hemlines. Our kink also says something about the time we are living in.

The Greeks celebrated homosexuality, the Roman’s had their orgies, and the high courts of Europe had their own parlor games and perversions. We have a rainbow spectrum of BDSM.

When I had first encountered the Fifty Shades manuscript online I didn’t think much of it, but was interested to see a grass roots sharing and exploring of this fantasy amongst soccer moms across the country. The excuse of naughty pop culture was a perfect vehicle to ignite conversations with our intimate partners about exploring what buttons to press, the hotness of the topic making the conversation more accessible. I was curious to see what Hollywood would do with it.

Fifty Shades of Grey surprised me. I thought it would be trite, yet the film made an honest effort to explain a few themes that echo through the BDSM world.

Enter Christian Grey, possibly Prince Charming for a new generation. He is a man of his time. Telecom suit. Strong, generous and responsible. A smart man ready to be master of the universe.

The film didn’t go all out with whips and chains, nor did it skip over the emotional game that is going on between the power play.

Shortly after Grey reveals his play room and his true nature, Anastasia asks, “Why would I want to do these things?” His answer, “To please me.”

When she asked, “What do I get out of it?” Christian replies, “You get me, and I will be completely devoted to you.”

The trust required to play S&M games is part of the release for people. It’s like a mental vacation that says, “I’ll be your play thing and you’ll take care of me and be responsible for both of us so I can just relax.”

Seams pretty simple right? Everyone’s wants, needs and limits are delineated in “The Contract.” This requires a conversation about personal preferences, boundaries, expectations and compromises. Actually a pretty good practice for any kind of relationship.

As reported on Good Morning America, after Fifty Shades of Grey was published, sex toys sold more and sex-related injuries went up.  Of the injured, 58 percent were men with 44 being the average age of men and 30, the average age of women. The oldest injured was an 85-year-old man.

Perhaps this movie is a reflection of our times, as a network of women passed around the conversation and controversy through the internet and gave birth to a new fairy tale. Here we are, post feminism, in our equalized world, yet fantasizing about being kept like an exotic, obedient pet. Interesting that in France one must only be 12 years old to gain admission to this film. Here the iconic dark, brooding prince who is a beast behind the closed doors of his dungeon is not the villain, but our hero. A thought-provoking choice.

Tune in next Wednesday for 50 Shades… Sex tips!

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