Why Suits Make The Man (And How To Pull It Off!)

By   |   October 2, 2014   |   Diva Guy

Image Gal Samantha von Sperling breaks down why a suit is so important to a man — and a woman!

Knights had armor, you have a suit. There is something irresistibly sexy about a well-dressed man in a power suit and all the components, accessories and accoutrement that go with it.

But where do you begin? Look for excellent material — made to measure — that create the appearance of strong shoulders, back and chest. The best way to achieve the look is through a bespoke style, like those offered at bookatailor.com

Now on to those accessories: a seven-fold tie that pops. Your pocket square, rakishly set in the breast pocket. When you raise your glass to drink a good single malt scotch your sleeve reveals french cuffs with cuff links that are charming, maybe even amusing. And if you want to really make an impression, a colorful bowtie, like those from Beau Ties Ltd, can make a woman ask, “Did you tie that yourself?”

But don’t stop there. A collector’s watch and shiny shoes communicate your attention to detail. You carry an elegant business card case with beautifully printed heavy weight cards that declare your name and which war you fight. Your inner breast pocket holds an important pen for signing big deal contracts. Even your socks are snazzy.

Everything about you quietly roars strength and your command over your world. The message you send through your powerful presence is like an aphrodisiac. You are a man who knows what he is doing.┬á A real woman is relieved that she won’t have to babysit you. You are rare and hard to resist.

Now that you are all suited up, try conquering me. You’ve already won, but I’ll play hard to get just to watch you work the suit. When I finally do give in, you stay dressed. Maybe I’ll get naked!

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