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Hey DivaGals! It’s #LifestyleWednesday! Now when it comes to perfecting your makeup, makeup artists are THE people to talk to. Of course, very few of us actually know a makeup artist in person, which is why we have done the research and put together this fabulous post for you.

Many of us are massive makeup hoarders, and although we would never admit it, we hang on to old products that we no longer use. Before investing in all the beauty bag essentials mentioned below, have a bit of a spring clean. Anything that is empty or you no longer use, throw it out.

So what do makeup artists suggest are must-haves to carry in your beauty bag?

Primer. Whether you are pro primer or not, listen up. Many of us fail to bother with primer,choosing to skip it and go straight to concealer. If you want a more even complexion and your makeup to stay in place all day, primer is a must. Suffer from large pores? Using a primer before applying your makeup is crucial. Otherwise, the marks from where your pores are will be visible through your foundation.

Concealer. If you suffer from blemishes, like spots and redness, concealer is a beauty bag must-have. Look for a concealer thatΓÇÖs simple to apply and gives natural coverage, so that itΓÇÖs not obvious that you are wearing it. As well as a regular concealer, your makeup bag should also contain an under-eye concealer. Borwn girls can suffer from dark under eye circles due to a increase in melanin under the eye sockets. Opt for an under eye concealer that has yellow or a peach undertone, as these help to mask the dark color of the bags.

Base Coat (a.k.a. foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB cream). To achieve beautiful skin, having the correct base in your makeup bag is crucial. With so many products to choose from, from foundations to BB creams, it can be hard to know which is best for you. If you need high coverage, foundation is your best bet. If you have clear, even skin, a BB cream, like one from Gerard Cosmetics (pictured above), or tinted moisturizer could work well for you. As well as deciding on the type of base you want for your face, you also need to think about the style. Are you a fan of cream products, cream to powder or mousses? Each type of base coat works differently, giving your face a certain look and feel.

Powder. To set your makeup in place and prevent smudging, powder is essential. Ideally, for a more natural makeup look, opt for a clear complexion powder, not a tinted one. Instead of applying your powder with the sponge it comes with, use a brush. A brush gives a less matte finish and makes the powder settle in a more natural way. DonΓÇÖt buy basic brushes; to achieve a beautiful look, itΓÇÖs best to use professional makeup brushes.

Eye makeup. Need we even say it? Of course eye makeup — mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow — is a must. For a fantastic mascara that gives a beautiful finish, BenefitΓÇÖs TheyΓÇÖre Real mascara is worth investing in. Instead of buying a crayon eyeliner, for a longer lasting product, opt for liquid liner. As for eyeshadow, pick a mini palette with a few of your fave colors in it, and store it in your makeup bag for when youΓÇÖre out and about.

There are plenty of other things that you could pop in your makeup bag, but these are some of the essentials you need to create great face!

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