INSPIRATION GAL: Do It Little By Little … and Succeed!

By   |   March 26, 2012

In the last Inspiration Gal we discussed the importance of hanging around ΓÇ£can doΓÇ¥ people to defeat the ΓÇ£cannot doΓÇ¥ mentality that is sweeping the world. The next step is to make progress every day! Live by the mantra, “little…

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INSPIRATION GAL: Beat Feeling Defeated – Positive Change Part I!

By   |   March 5, 2012

ΓÇ£CanΓÇÖt do,ΓÇ¥ is something I hear too much of these days. ΓÇ£I canΓÇÖt do this, I canΓÇÖt do that.ΓÇ¥ ΓÇ£CanΓÇÖt doΓÇ¥ is becoming an epidemic for all generations. ItΓÇÖs also poor grammar as most of the time I hear someone…

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INSPIRATION GAL: What are your YAC stats?

By   |   February 6, 2012

Like most red blooded Americans, I attended a Super Bowl party last night. I’m not a fan of football. I never know who’s even playing until I get to the party. I usually root for the team with the cuter…

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INSPIRATION GAL: Come Together & Ask, Ask, Ask

By   |   October 31, 2011

Inspiration Gal kicks off her new series of positive mindsets … via The Beatles. What is your favorite Beatles song? Even if you are not a fan of what many would call the greatest rock and roll band of all…

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Forget the Negative!

By   |   June 20, 2011

We’re pretty certain not having your weekly Inspiration Gal sucked. So she’s back and better than ever! Stop focusing on what you donΓÇÖt want. “I donΓÇÖt want to be late. I donΓÇÖt want this make-up to make me look shiny….

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Bring On a Miracle

By   |   March 28, 2011

Every day of your life there can be a miracle.┬á Your job is to seek them out, cherish and appreciate them.┬á For me, a beautiful, warm sunny day is a miracle, or the love I get from my family is…

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By   |   December 20, 2010

Do you remember the Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley? He had a talk show called “Daily Affirmations.” Before each show he would look in the mirror and tell himself, “IΓÇÖm good enough, IΓÇÖm smart enough and dog-gone-it people like…

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INSPIRATION GAL – Your Own Pick Me-Up Plan

By   |   October 25, 2010

Start every week with Inspiration Gal, only at! We canΓÇÖt help it. We all have some days when we get down. Rainy days, cold days or just days when you step on the scale and it screams back, ΓÇ£One…

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Inspiration Gal: First Class Flight

By   |   October 18, 2010

Meet Inspiration Gal… here every Monday morning to start your week off right! “I took a flight last Sunday and it was pretty miserable. I kept looking at the privacy curtain that separates the first class passengers from us poor…

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